8 Advantages of minimalist bar stools you should know

8 Advantages of minimalist bar stools you should know

Bar stools or bar stools is a modern innovation of chairs that can be used for different activities, such as eating and working.

This type of chair is a little different from chairs in general. Usually, the size of the chair bar higher and has a minimalist model. In any case, the size of this type of bar chair must be adjusted to the height of the bar table.

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When the height of the bar table is between 110-120 cm, then it is high bar chair that can be used is 83-90 cm. While when bar table measures 88-93 cm, so the bar stool you can use is about 68-70 cm.

The most important thing is to make sure that there is a space between the table and the chairs of about 15-20 cm so that you are not slouch when you sit down.

So, what are the advantages of using bar stools at home?

This chair is often used kitchen mini bar in a minimalist home. Therefore, the kitchen area feels like being in a bar or cafe.

Apparently, this type of chair has many advantages when we use it every day, even for the health of the body, you know. What are they? Check the following.

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1. It makes the spine vertical naturally

In general, bar stools do not have a high back like work chairs and dining chairs. However, this can actually provide benefits for you, you know.

See, kWhen you sit on a bar stool, you put your spine in a natural position because there is no backrest to support the back. Thus, you can straighten your back automatically.

the superiority of the bar chair
Scotland Bar Stools – white

2. Can Overcome Back Pain

With a posture that is forced to be right, the pressure on the spinal area will be reduced. This is what will reduce the causes of pain in the back area. Also, you can get used to sitting straight and not slouching.

3. Make Thigh Slant Down

Also, when you sit down bar stools, then the thigh will bend. See, this high-sized chair model forces you to straighten your legs.

Well, this will get your lower back and pelvis in a neutral position. With this posture, the pressure experienced by your spine will be reduced.

Scandinavian bar stools
Fellow Stool Bar – Chocolate

4. Actively Support Yourself While Sitting

Without a backrest, you will be actively supporting yourself while sitting. Thus, you can learn to sit straight with a straight back.

If we get used to sitting straight, it can increase muscle strength in the upper body. In addition, the habit of sitting up straight can also make it more refreshing to be able to stay productive while working.

5. Present a Modern Cafe-style Atmosphere

Bar stools manage to give a new style to modern homes with their trendy designs. See, this chair can make the room area look coffee What you do instagrammableyou know! So, you can feel the atmosphere of the cafe without having to leave the house.

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Well, we also have advice stool cafe-style that you can use, such as the following.

white coffee stools
Inform Melinda Z Bar Stool – white

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black barstool
Informa Soji Bar Stool – Black/grey

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6. Adjustable Height

This type of chair is one of the most flexible. You can choose a chair with adjustable height. In this way, you can more easily use this chair in different activities.

So, if you want to work table bar, then you can adjust to your height and table so that the distance between the eyes and the monitor stay in shape.

7. Save space

This chair model has a slim shape with a high size so it will not take much space to place. This can be a solution for a minimalist home, you know.

You see, you can make a place to eat in another room without making it feel cramped.

8. Can Adjust to the Home Theme

stool bar began to emerge with a wide choice of models and materials. Thus, you can more easily determine a model that fits the theme and activities at home.

For example, for work, you can use a model chair from a robust material with neutral colors, such as the following.

Cream bar chairs
Midland Stool Bar – Putih / krem

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white barstool
Stonewall Cafe Bar Chair – White

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Well, you can find many other choices of bar stool models easily for free online through INFORM Di variety

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Happy shopping!

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