8 2nd Floor Laundry Room Design Ideas For Home

8 2nd Floor Laundry Room Design Ideas For Home

Laundry room 2nd floor
2nd floor laundry room design illustration (Source: Freepik)

Having a residence with limited land is a challenge for every occupant. Such conditions require the owners to increase creativity so that each room is more functional. One of them is to make a laundry room, for those of you who want to make a laundry room, here is a design idea for a 2nd floor laundry room in a narrow house.

2nd Floor Laundry Design

Laundry room 2nd floor

seeds Out ofR

Currently the concept of spring out of is currently popular because it fits the minimalist and functional concept. You can put the washing and drying room in the roof and add a transparent roof with a black color combination to prevent water when it rains. Using a transparent roof can also provide incoming sunlight for your laundry so that your clothesline can dry.

Laundry room 2nd floor


You can use a roof with glass material for a drying room in your home. Because the glass can provide maximum light so that your laundry dries quickly. Not only that, if it is the rainy season, your laundry can be protected from the rain. With this design, the appearance of your home can look more spacious and functional.

Laundry room 2nd floor


The next design you can use this design as a reference if you have a room with limited floor space. You can use a transparent roof with furniture functional additions such as clothes lines, front door washing machine and wardrobes with lots of storage supports. You can also add neutral colors to beautify your laundry room.

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Limited land

If you have limited land, avoid using it furniture large so as not to give the impression of being tight. You can outsmart with furniture Functional, such as a front door washing machine, a 3-level shelf with an elegant design, then use a transparent roof to let the sunlight in and add small plant decorations to beautify your room.

Laundry room 2nd floor

Open concept

The next design is an open concept that is suitable for use on the balcony in your home. You don’t need to worry because being on the balcony you can be sure that your clothesline gets maximum light. So that the appearance of your room gives a good impression, add paint with neutral or monochrome colors.

Laundry room 2nd floor

A room

If you have a room on the 2nd floor of your house, you can combine the activities of washing, drying and ironing in one room. However, if the lighting in the room is not good, you can outsmart drying on the window so that your clothes are exposed to the sun, so the wardrobe dries quickly and you always feel comfortable.

Window at the end of the room

The design that you can make the next inspiration is like the design above. This design uses windows to let in light and keep your laundry dry. Not only that, this design is very suitable for use in a minimalist home with limited land.

Transparent Roof

The latest design that is currently popular is using a transparent roof. This design is interesting and in focus because it fits the minimalist and functional concept. Not only that, if you use this roof, your clothesline will dry faster and you don’t have to worry if it’s the rainy season, because water won’t enter your room.

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