7 ways to wash towels correctly to keep them clean and soft

7 ways to wash towels correctly to keep them clean and soft

_How to wash towels

To avoid bacteria and germs, towels should be washed regularly. But, you can not wash without care. So, how to wash towels properly?

Towels are one of the mandatory items that should be in the house. The reason, this object has a function to absorb water and dry the body.

However, towels should not be left alone, but should be washed regularly.

Reporting from various sources, here are the steps that should be taken to wash dirty towels.

Why is it important to wash towels?

The water that collects in the towels can make the towels damp and become a place for germs and bacteria to reproduce.

In fact, when you take a shower, the remaining bacteria cannot be completely removed from the body.

Imagine, if the towels are rarely or never washed, of course, this can be very dirty and make a lot of bacteria, right?

This can cause health problems, especially those related to skin problems.

How to wash towels correctly

how to wash dirty towels

Source: Bobvila.com

1. Separate Towels with Dirty Clothes

This method applies if you wash the towels with a washing machine.

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It is important to know that towels are soft tissue fibers that fall easily.

When Property People combines towels with other clothing, the fabric fibers from the towel can come out and stick to clothing.

2. Do not use too much detergent

Many people think that using more powder or liquid detergent can make the towels cleaner.

Eits, this assumption is wrong, that’s it. Instead of being cleaner, using too much detergent can also cause a build-up of residue that can make the texture of the towel hard.

3. Using Hot Water

The most effective way to wash dirty towels is to use hot water. Warm or hot water temperatures can easily raise germs and soil.

However, not all types of towels can be washed in hot water.

Therefore, Property People need to first check the product label.

4. How to wash towels with Baking soda

wash towels with baking soda

Source: Armandhammerarabia.com

Homemade ingredients like baking soda it can also clean dirty towels. Not only, baking soda It can also remove bad odors on towels.

How to wash towels with baking soda? Easy going, cookProperty People only need to pour 1/2 cup baking soda in water and wash the sponge as usual.

5. Wash towels with vinegar

If baking soda Towels not completely clean, Property People can also use other household ingredients, such as vinegar solution.

The vinegar solution can also be used as a fabric softener, that’s it.

To use, you only need to dissolve 1/4 cup of vinegar in the first stages of washing.

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Then, wash with water or mix baking soda to remove the pungent smell of vinegar.

6. Avoid Using Too Much Fabric Bleach

Bleach is effective in keeping the color of clean towels white. But if it is used excessively, it can make the towel quickly damaged.

It is best if you only use bleach if necessary.

7. Dry directly in the sun

When using the washing machine, you can use the help of the dryer.

If you wash by hand, Property People must dry directly in the sun.

But before drying, first shake the sponge to remove the remaining water.

Remember, make sure the towel is completely dry before scrubbing. Otherwise, the towels may give off a musty smell.

When should towels be washed?

how to dry towels

Source: Popmama.com

Basically, the Owners are advised to wash towels and replace them with new ones once a week.

If a week has passed, it means it is time to wash and replace with new towels.

However, this does not apply to the type of sports towels. The reason is that sports towels must be washed after use.

As with the owners of sensitive skin, you also have to wash more often.


There are many ways to properly wash dirty towels. Don’t get me wrong again, okay?

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