7 Ways to Use Wantex Different Types of Fabrics, The Results Are Satisfactory!

7 Ways to Use Wantex Different Types of Fabrics, The Results Are Satisfactory!

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Pay attention to how to use Wantex correctly and correctly for clothes or trousers so that the results are satisfactory and perfectly evenly distributed. Check out each step in this article, OK!

Property People, over time the color of clothes will fade due to daily use.

The color of clothes that start to fade will certainly interfere with the appearance, that’s it.

NahTo restore the color of the garment, you can fix it with the Wantex Padi Gunting clothes dye.

Wantex is a textile dyeing brand that specializes in clothes, pants, or other materials that can restore the color of the fabric like new.

This brand has been used for years and has 36 colors to choose from and you can get them in fabric stores, tailors, at online.

With Wantex, clothes or clothes that have faded colors are guaranteed to look solid and good.

However, before using it, you must know how to use Wantex properly and correctly.

This is very important so that the color results on the clothes will be perfect or not easily fade.

Go, see each step of the use of Wantex for the following different colors, OK!

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7 Ways to use Wantex

1. Prepare 2 liters of water

how to use wantex

How to use Wantex is to first prepare 2 liters of water in a saucepan.

Make sure the water used to boil Wantex is clean of dirt.

Before adding Wantex to the pot, prepare two tablespoons of salt.

2. Add Salt and Wantex

how to use wantex

The next step is to put the two tablespoons of salt in the pot, Property People.

The function of the salt for Wantex is to make the color of the clothes more concentrated, durable, and not easy to fade during the first wash.

If you have, now put the Wantex powder in the pan.

3. Stir Wantex until Even

how to use wantex

The next way to use Wantex is to heat the Wantex powder over medium heat.

Heat to a boil while simulating, yes.

It is recommended to use gloves to prevent Wantex from sticking to your hands.

If the water containing Wantex is boiled, the next step is to prepare the clothes you want Wantex.

4. Enter Clothes

how to wear wantex

Property People, before putting on clothes or pants, make sure that the clothes are clean of stains.

Also, clothes that are placed in a pot of Wantex water must be wet.

So, first wash the clothes while wringing.

Then, put the garment in the pot full of Wantex until it is completely submerged.

5. Shake the clothes so that the color is even

how to wear wantex

The next step is to turn the garment so that the color is perfectly uniform.

While dyeing clothes with Wantex, be sure to keep the stove warm on medium heat.

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Shake the clothes well for about 1 hour before removing and cleaning.

6. Clothes Lifted and Cleaned with Clean Water

The next way to use Wantex is to turn off the stove and then let the water cool down.

After cooling, remove the clothes that have been stained with Wantex and then rinse with running water until they are completely clean.

Cleaning the garment that has been dyed with Wantex is done so that the excess Wantex material that is still attached to the fabric becomes clean.

When cleaning, the clothes should not be brushed.

7. Dry goods

The last way to use Wantex is to dry the clothes.

It is recommended to dry the clothes in the shade without being exposed to direct sunlight, yes.

Tips for using Wantex

Source: tokopedia.com/pelangicraftnsew

Property People, it is important to know tips on the use of Wantex so that the color results are perfect and successful.

Wantex garment dye is not recommended for materials containing rubber/elastic or non-heat resistant fabrics.

This is because the absorption capacity of each fabric or material is usually different.

Therefore, the type of material will affect the Wantex color on the garment.

Another tip is to know 1 Wantex for how many clothes.

According to the rules of use, you can use a package of Wantex for 300 grams of fabric.

Don’t worry about the screen printing on the clothes because Wantex is safe and will not damage the screen printing.

Also, can I use Wantex without boiling?

You should avoid using Wantex without boiling because the results will not be optimal.

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This is how to use Wantex.

Good luck, Property People.

Hope useful, yes.

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