7 Ways to store Oyster mushrooms correctly so they don’t rot

7 Ways to store Oyster mushrooms correctly so they don’t rot

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Annoyed that the oyster mushrooms you bought have gone quickly? Go ahead, try applying the following ways to store oyster mushrooms to make them last longer!

Oyster mushroom is a perishable food ingredient.

In fact, even if you have just picked them, these mushrooms can only last two days at room temperature.

However, it is not impossible to extend its service life to a week.

For more details, here’s how to store oyster mushrooms that you can apply!

7 Ways to properly store oyster mushrooms

1. Remove the dirty and wet mushroom parts

How to store oyster mushrooms the right way

First, make sure you choose fresh oyster mushrooms when you buy them at the market.

Its characteristics are that there are no brown spots on the surface of the mushrooms and the texture is not slippery.

Also, mushrooms do not emit a distinctive aroma when smelled.

Then, inspect all parts of the mold and eliminate any dirty or wet areas.

You can do this with a knife, but make sure the blade is clean and dry.

2. Cut the Oyster Mushroom Root

Next, cut the roots of the oyster mushrooms before storing.

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The roots are the most dirty and broken areas.

Not only that, maggots often appear on the roots and spread elsewhere.

Therefore, if you want to store mushrooms for a long time, cut the roots first.

3. Do not wash with water

The next way to store oyster mushrooms is to avoid direct contact with water.

The reason is that the washing water is very easily absorbed by the pores of the fungus and settles in it.

This causes the texture of the mushrooms to become mushy, slimy, and rotten.

Not only that, the mushrooms start to give off an unpleasant smell.

You only need to wash them when you are going to cook oyster mushrooms.

Even if there is dust stuck to it, just wipe it off with your hands or a dry tissue.

4. Wrap with Paper

how to preserve oyster mushrooms

Next step, wrap the oyster mushrooms with paper.

The paper can help absorb moisture from the air around the mushrooms.

In this way, the texture of the mushrooms does not change even if it is stored for more than two days.

However, make sure the paper you use is clean and dry.

The reason is, just a drop of water can affect the resistance of oyster mushrooms.

5. Put in an Airtight Container

The next way to store oyster mushrooms is to put them in an airtight container.

Whether it’s a food box or a plastic one with a seal on top.

This is important to provide double protection for oyster mushrooms from exposure to humid air.

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Then, you can store the container in the refrigerator or in the kitchen.

6. How to Store Oyster Mushrooms in the Refrigerator

If you want the oyster mushrooms to last up to a week, it is best to store them in the refrigerator.

At room temperature, these foods can only last 2-3 days.

Check the temperature of the refrigerator in the range of 0-10 degrees Celsius, the lower the better.

In any case, do not make the temperature below freezing because it can cause damage to the structure of the fungus.

So, choose the top shelf with the most stable temperature for storage.

7. Keep away from other food ingredients

how to store oyster mushrooms in the refrigerator

Finally, do not store it near foods with strong odors.

For example, onions, garlic, celery, salted fish and others.

This is because oyster mushrooms are very easy to absorb the aroma of other foods that are nearby.

In the end, the taste of the mushrooms will be affected by the smell of other foods.

Also avoid piling heavier foods on top.

The soft texture of the mushroom makes it easier to dent when it rubs against other objects.


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