7 Ways to Store Kale in the Refrigerator. Make it last longer!

7 Ways to Store Kale in the Refrigerator. Make it last longer!

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To maintain the quality of kale, here is a complete review of how to store kale in the refrigerator that you should know!

Kale is one of the vegetables chosen by mothers to be transformed into a variety of dishes.

This is because kale is usually very easy to find in the market and the price is quite cheap.

Unfortunately, compared to other types of vegetables, kale is relatively easy to grow.

Therefore, kale must be processed quickly so that it does not dry out quickly.

Even so, not everyone wants to cook kale the day they buy it.

So that they do not spoil easily, you can store these vegetables in the refrigerator.

Reported by various sources, check out the correct way to store kale in the refrigerator below!

7 Ways to Store Kale in the Refrigerator

1. Do not wash

how to store kale in the refrigerator do not wash

The correct way to store kale in the refrigerator is not to wash it after purchase.

In humid conditions, the leaves and stems of this green vegetable can rot quickly.

Therefore, make sure to store the kale in a dry or not wet state and wash the vegetables just before processing.

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2. Wrap with paper

Generally, vegetable sellers wrap the kale you buy in plastic.

When you get home, immediately remove the kale from the plastic and replace it with paper.

The paper used can be kitchen tissue, newspaper, or other types of paper.

Wrapping the kale in paper reduces the moisture in the kale.

When you try this method, check the kale that is stored in the refrigerator regularly.

Also make sure to replace the wrapping paper with a new one if the vegetables get wet.

3. Cut the Kale Root

how to store kale in the refrigerator cut root vegetables

The next way to store kale in the refrigerator is to cut the roots.

This step is done to save storage space and keep these greens fresh.

Even so, make sure all the remaining pieces are paper tight so nothing comes loose.

4. Store on the Bottom Shelf

When storing kale in the refrigerator, it is important to maintain the right temperature.

To last longer, put these foods for weight loss on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or a special shelf for vegetables.

If necessary, use a glass or transparent plastic container.

Using this container can make it easier for you to see the condition of the kale when it is stored in the refrigerator.

5. Separate with other vegetables and fruits

how to store kale in the refrigerator separate storage containers

Some green vegetables, such as kale, should be stored separately from other foods, especially fruits.

This is because most fruits contain ethylene gas, which accelerates the ripening process.

This can be a good thing if you want to ripen the fruit quickly.

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Unfortunately, this condition does not apply when it is stored next to the kale, because it will dry it faster.

Not only are they fruits, keep the storage of kale away from the shallots.

The strong flavor can affect the flavor of the kale later when it is cooked.

6. Check the temperature of the Refrigerator periodically

After storing in the refrigerator, it is not necessary to leave it.

It is highly recommended to check the temperature of the refrigerator occasionally, if it is at the correct number or not.

Make sure that the temperature of the refrigerator is in the range of 10-15 degrees Celsius when you store this green vegetable.

7. Enjoy containers full of water

green vegetables packed in a container

If the fridge is full and there is no free space, there is nothing wrong with keeping kale at room temperature.

One way is to immerse the roots of these hydroponic plants in a flower pot or a transparent bottle filled with water.

This allows the kale to have enough water to keep it fresh.


We hope that this discussion on how to store kale in the refrigerator can be useful for the Owners!

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