7 ways to store bananas so they don’t spoil quickly. Completed!

7 ways to store bananas so they don’t spoil quickly. Completed!

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Confused about how to store bananas so they don’t go bad? Just take a look at the full review in the next article, OK!

Exposure to direct sunlight is the main cause of ripening bananas faster to rot.

So, be sure to take care of it at home.

Here’s how to store bananas so they don’t go bad that you can try!

7 ways to store bananas so they don’t spoil quickly

1. Store Bananas in a Hanging Position

how to store bananas so they don't spoil quickly

First, store the bananas by hanging them on a kitchen storage rack.

This is important to avoid the appearance of “bruises” on the bananas due to the pressure of solid surfaces such as tables or plates.

The reason is that this “bruise” accelerates the uneven ripening of bananas.

In addition, the hanging position allows the circulation of the surrounding air to be uniform.

In this way, the circulation of ethylene in bananas slows down so that the fruit does not ripen or rot quickly.

2. Wrap the base of the banana tightly

The next way to keep bananas from rotting quickly is to soak the base.

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The base of the banana is the main source of the substance ethylene, which makes the banana ripen quickly.

Mix it, you can block the flow of the substance ethylene.

You can use aluminum foil, paper or plastic to wrap the base of the banana.

3. Separate from other fruits

Bananas are one of the most sensitive fruits, so keep them separate from other fruits.

The first reason is to minimize the appearance of “bruises” due to friction between fruits.

So, this step is also important to prevent bananas from being exposed to ethylene gas from other fruits.

4. Store in a Cool Place

the right way to store bananas

You should store bananas in a cool place away from the sun.

Sunlight is one of the triggers for bananas to ripen faster.

Therefore, keep it away from direct sunlight.

Instead, choose a storage shelf whose position is not facing openings such as windows or doors.

5. Store Bananas in the Refrigerator

The next option to store bananas so they don’t go bad is to put them in the fridge.

However, it doesn’t include bananas that are still unripe, okay?

Make sure the bananas are ripe before storing in the refrigerator.

The main feature is that there are black spots on the banana peel that indicate that the starch has turned into sugar.

For the record, the best temperature to store bananas is 12 degrees Celsius and below.

If it is higher than this, the ripening process continues as usual.

6. Store Raw Bananas at room temperature

And bananas that are still green or unripe?

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For unripe bananas, just hang them at room temperature.

This is to give the opportunity to mature naturally so that the meat tastes good when eaten.

If you put unripe bananas in the refrigerator, the ripening process will not be perfect even if you warm them up.

As a result, you are stuck with the flesh of the fruit that is still starchy and feels stuck to the roof of your mouth.

7. Use Freezer for unpeeled bananas

how to store bananas in the freezer

Have you already peeled a banana but can’t finish it?

If so, you can freeze it inside freezer so that the fruit does not rot quickly.

In any case, how to store bananas so they don’t spoil quickly requires the help of acid.

You should cover the surface of the banana with lemon juice, pineapple juice or ascorbic acid.

These ingredients are effective in preventing the banana from turning brown due to over-ripening.

After that, put the banana slices in an airtight container and store them for 24-48 hours.


I hope the method of storing bananas so they don’t go over quickly is useful, yes.

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