7 Ways to Stop Rats from Eating Plants with Homemade Ingredients

7 Ways to Stop Rats from Eating Plants with Homemade Ingredients

so that the plants are not eaten by miceSo that the plants are not eaten by mice, you have to take a number of precautions in the following ways. Follow easily so that the plants in the house are away from the mice!

The existence of rats in the yard is very annoying, Property People.

Not only do they pollute the yard, but they can damage and eat the plants that are there.

Launch gardening mentoryou should know why rats eat plants.

In fact, most house plants do not attract mice.

It’s just that there are many plants that attract mice, such as fruit plants, green vegetables and grains.

However, there are also rats that eat leafy or flowering ornamental plants.

Mice can eat plants, especially if they can’t find other food sources.

Another reason, plant pots can be places for mice so that the rodents risk eating the plants around them.

So, how do you keep plants from being eaten by mice?

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7 ways to prevent plants from being eaten by mice

1. Using Botanical Pesticides

so that the plants are not eaten by mice

Source: bhg.com.au

The way to keep plants from being eaten by rats is to use plant pesticides.

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Botanical pesticides are pesticides derived from natural ingredients to control crop pests.

There are many vegetable pesticides that you can make, starting from the ingredients of the chili plant, jengkol fruit and old papaya fruit.

For chili plants, the chili is finely ground and then soaked overnight.

So, strain the water and can be sprayed directly around the plants.

For the old papaya fruits, cut them into small pieces and then store them in a pot for the mice to eat later.

The old papaya fruit can be rat poison because it contains the active ingredient papain which can be used as a rodenticide.

2. Prevent with mice Repellent Plants

Mice have a very sensitive sense of smell, here we go.

Nahbecause plants are not eaten by mice then you can set a trap with plants that mice do not like.

You can plant peppermint, rosemary, lavender, catnip, and a few other plants that mice don’t like.

Keep these plants in moderation around the garden.

Guaranteed, the rat repellent plant is effective enough so that the plant is no longer eaten by rats.

3. Use Mouse Traps

so that the plants are not eaten by mice

Source: ecocarepest.com

A way that is still used by some Indonesians so that the plants are not eaten by rats is to use mouse traps.

There are many commonly used mouse traps such as mouse glue, mouse traps from condensers, to traditional traps.

Choose the most effective mouse trap and store it in the garden where there are plants.

4. Install Ultrasonic

The next way to prevent plants from being eaten by mice is to install an ultrasonic mouse repeller.

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This tool emits sounds and vibrations to scare away mice and keep them away from the garden.

NahAn ultrasonic mouse repellent device is classified as safe because it is used specifically for rodents so that its sound is not heard by humans.

5. Sprinkle Chili Powder Around the Pot

Sum: garden dream

Chili powder can be an alternative so that the rodents do not eat the plants.

How to apply, just sprinkle red chili powder near plants or areas that rats often pass.

You can also combine it with a little oil to make it sticky.

Then, spray on the area of ​​the potted plant.

Mice won’t come back because they don’t like the smell of the mixture.

6. Mothballs Around Plants

Mothballs are quite effective in keeping rats away from plants and not eating them.

This is because camphor has a spicy aroma that rats or shrews do not like.

Therefore, the plants are not eaten by mice, simply grinding the camphor and sprinkle near the plant.

You can also sprinkle it in areas that rats often pass through in your garden.

Guaranteed, mice don’t want to go near potted plants.

7. Choose a pot that mice can’t reach

The way to prevent rats from eating plants is to choose the right pot.

If these efforts do not work, you can choose a pot that is high so that the rats cannot reach it.

Try not to keep plants close together so that there are no spaces for mice to reach.


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This is how the plants are not eaten by mice.

Go ahead, try to apply it at home, Property People.

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