7 Ways to replace a dead person’s bed according to Fengsui

7 Ways to replace a dead person’s bed according to Fengsui

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It is said that the bed of the deceased must be replaced quickly because it can present a negative aura in the house. Here’s how!

Property People, is there a relative who died at home?

If there is, you should immediately replace the bed of the deceased and change the layout.

In addition to keeping the family from remembering the dead so that they are lost in sadness, changing the bed of the dead is said to be able to minimize the bad aura in the house.

Citation pages sonora.idAnyone who dies in the bedroom is said to be able to create which one negative or stagnant.

Which one Negative accumulation from various sources can affect human behavior and thoughts.

Therefore, a room or bed that has just died, if possible, should be replaced immediately.

Well, there are a few things you can do to remove it which one negative at home, especially in the bedroom.

This review was cited by the page sonora.id and other sources. Listen carefully, go!

7 Ways to replace a dead person’s bed according to Fengsui

the bed of the dead

source: shopee.co.id

Before knowing the tips, you must understand that changing the bed is not only a matter of feng shui.

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In any case, by changing the bed or changing the appearance of the room, you can start everything from scratch, so that the family at home is not trapped in the pain that is too deep.

1. Clean the Entire Corner of the Room

The first thing you can do in a dead person’s room is clean it.

Clean all the corners of the room, open all the windows for that which one the wicked come out, and donate all the dead man’s clothes.

2. Change the Bed

If possible, you can also change the bed or a new bed.

Why, the old bed of the dead keeps which one the negative ones.

3. Change the layout of the room or the decoration

Later, the layout or decoration of the room was fundamentally changed.

You can apply some Feng Shui principles so that the room of the deceased can attract positive energy.

For example, always open the window, put your feet on the bed directly at the door, and try to keep the toilet from being covered by the wall of the bed.

4. Bringing Salt

Depending on the page sonora.idwiping the walls and floors with salt at all corners of the room can minimize which one negative

In addition to being used to dry, you can also sprinkle.

Leave the salt on for a while, then sweep the salt back and throw it in the trash outside the house.

5. Burning incense

The process that you can try is also burning incense that the aroma is comfortable to breathe.

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Some of those pleasant scents are plants, such as mint, lavender, and maybe sandalwood.

6. Adding Light

So adding light to the bed of the deceased is believed to dispel the negative aura.

He said, add a first or ball that can reflect the sun in the room.

Do not forget to open the window as wide as possible.

7. Sprinkle Rice

In addition to sprinkling salt, the seed rice is believed to lead the spirit to leave the house.

Not only in the room, but you sprinkle rice all the way outside the house.


It is a review of the rooms of the deceased person that must be “cleaned” as soon as possible to dispel the bad aura in the house.

Hope useful, Property People.

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