7 ways to remove the smell of Jengkol in the bathroom and at home

7 ways to remove the smell of Jengkol in the bathroom and at home

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After eating jengkol, the bathroom and even the whole house may smell bad. Do not be strong, we follow how to remove the smell of jengkol in the bathroom and the room of the house that is powerful below!

Although it smells bad, jengkol or petai is still a favorite food for most Indonesian people.

Not only do kitchen utensils smell bad, the kitchen, dining room, and even the bathroom can also be affected.

nah if so, the people at home will protest.

So that the smell of jengkol leaves the house after cooking and consumption, try the steps below. yuk!

It doesn’t last cook

How to remove the smell of Jengkol in the bathroom and at home

1. How to Get Lid of Jengkol Smell in the Bathroom with Camphor


The kitchen was cleaned, the dining room and other areas were cleaned, only one more area is still haunted by the unpleasant smell of jengkol.



Even if it has been watered, the smell must still be left and can be smelled.

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To remove it, you can put a few grains of camphor near the drainage hole or drainage.

2. Place Odor Absorbing Plants

How to remove the smell of Jengkol

Some can cover the smell, some can absorb and eliminate it.

Some plants to get rid of the unpleasant smell of jengkol are:

  • Banyan pot
  • good luck
  • Lily Paris
  • Aloe vera
  • The language of the sister.

3. Clean the toilet

The smell of jengkol in the bathroom appears after urinating or defecating.

Then clean the toilet with cleaning fluid.

Pour the cleaner into the toilet bowl and leave for 30 minutes.

After that, remove and rinse with water.

Also use this material to wash the bathroom floor.

4. Let the Air Circulate

how to get rid of jengkol smell

So that the smell of jengkol can quickly disappear from the bathroom, open the air circulation in it.

Let the air outside and inside the bathroom exchange for some time.

Also turn on the fan or exhaust fan when there is

Meanwhile, the kitchen, the dining room, and the surrounding area should be exposed to the smells after cooking food made from jengkol or petai.

To prevent steam and cooking fumes from gathering in the house, open the windows.

This is done so that the air circulates properly.

After the cooking and washing process is complete, sweep immediately and then mop the floor of the house with a fresh cleaning liquid.

You can also use a room deodorizer or aromatherapy to refresh the area of ​​the house.

5. Wash Table with Soap

how to get rid of jengkol smell

Kitchen utensils, such as pans, sockets, and other containers often still smell of jengkol even if they have been washed with soap diluted with water.

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This is because the fresh smell of liquid soap or dishwashing liquid will become blurred after it is diluted.


Pour or apply dish soap directly on the kitchen surface.


Before putting the soap, wash everything first with water so that all the spices dissolve and are wasted.

After that, scrub the equipment with a sponge or brush until the soap foams.

Wash clean then dry.

6. Rely on Lime and Vinegar

how to get rid of jengkol smell

Sometimes, the method of washing with soap above is also not effective in removing the very piercing smell of jengkol.

If so, use alternative ingredients that contain acid or acids such as lime and white vinegar.

The method..

Rinse the kitchen utensils with water and scrub the entire surface with lime.

You can also use lemon or lime.

Alternatively, make a solution of clean water and vinegar.

In comparison, 1 liter of water: 2 tablespoons of vinegar.

Soak all dishes in the solution overnight.

After that, wash with soap and dry.

7. How to Get Lid of Jengkol Smell with Baking Soda

how to get rid of jengkol smell

Lemons or limes are effective for removing odors from wooden and plastic equipment, but the case is different if the material is aluminum.

The right ingredient to remove the unpleasant smell of these foods is baking soda.

The method is the same as the step above. But use a mixture of solutions with a ratio of 1 liter of water: 1 spoon of baking soda.


Let’s try to put it into practice, Property People!

I hope the tips we provide are useful for you and your family who like to eat this food!

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