7 ways to remove the smell of burning in a room. powerful!

7 ways to remove the smell of burning in a room. powerful!

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How to get rid of the burning smell in the room? Find out the explanation in this article!

The smell of burnt smell in the house can certainly make you feel uncomfortable, especially if the smell suddenly and for a long time.

In fact, not infrequently this unpleasant smell can make some people congested.

Babies and children are more at risk of burning smell, especially if they have a history of diseases, such as asthma, pneumonia, malnutrition, and have a weakened immune system.

Therefore, it takes vigilance to remove the burning smell in the room.

So, this time, News www.lacrymosemedia.com Indonesia has gathered ways to remove the smell of burning in a room, which you can see in the following description.

7 ways to remove the smell of burning in a room

1. Make the clove decoction


The way to get rid of the burning smell in the room is to use the clove decoction.

Just boil water in a small pot, then fill it with some nails.

Leave for about 10-20 minutes or until it boils.

Later, the clove aroma from the stew will neutralize the burning smell in the house.

2. Open Windows and Doors

Another way to remove the burning smell is to open all the air vents in the house, especially those in the kitchen.

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Properties People can open windows and doors to allow smoother air circulation, so that the burning smell disappears immediately.

This step must be done immediately so that the smell of burning does not arise in the kitchen and stuff the whole room.

3. Turn on the Fan

Then, you can use a fan to remove the burning smell from inside the house.

Gusts of wind can speed up air circulation and eliminate unpleasant odors in the house.

If you have discharge in the kitchen, you can also turn it on so that the bad smell can come out quickly.

4. Wash Smelly Items

In addition, it is also necessary to clean the articles and fabrics in the kitchen; such as tablecloths, aprons and tablecloths.

The reason is that the fabric can absorb the smell of burning so that you can smell the aroma around long time in the room.

Don’t forget to perfume the clothes so that the clothes don’t smell anymore, yes.

5. Throw away burnt food

To overcome the burning smell, you should also throw away burnt food or cakes.

Separate the burnt parts in a plastic bag, then throw them out of the house.

This method aims to prevent the smell of burning from spreading throughout the house.

6. Cleaning the Floor

If the smell does not disappear, you have to clean the kitchen floor with the liquid mop so that the burning smell disappears immediately.

Instead, use a liquid that contains a refreshing fragrance so that the burning smell disappears more quickly.

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7. Place the ornamental plants Internal

indoor plants

Plants are natural air filters that you can also use to remove the burning smell in the room.

Just introduce indoor ornamental plants at home to filter the dirty air.

Ornamental plants that can filter the air well are the language in law, peace lilyor palm

In addition to this, you can also add other ornamental plants that can give a pleasant aroma, such as rosemary or lavender as a complement.


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