7 Ways to Patch a Hole in a Wall Without Calling a Builder

7 Ways to Patch a Hole in a Wall Without Calling a Builder

patch the wall

Find out the steps and how to patch a hole in the wall without calling a handyman. You can save on monthly fees!

How to patch a wall is sometimes a trivial task, but it takes a lot of time.

Because often nails that have been embedded for a long time in the walls of the house and want to be removed cause holes that reduce the aesthetics of the room.

If you left holes in the wall, people generally feel lazy and tend to leave the holes alone.

Calling a handyman to fix a hole also costs a lot of money.

Not to mention that you have to buy the raw material first.

Therefore, there are ways or tips that are important for you to know, no!

Come on, let’s see how to patch a hole in a wall without having to call a handyman.

7 Ways to Patch Holes in Walls

1. Prepare Equipment and Raw Materials

Tools for repairing walls

Source: Grid.id

Before starting to repair a hole in the wall, it is a good idea to prepare various tools and materials needed to repair the wall.

One of which is split (a kind of mastic).

Instead, buy pasta split lightweight that uses the latest primer technology so that there are no cracks between the wall and the putty.

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In addition to this, you also need to prepare a tool to apply the paste to the wall.

2. Clean the Hole in the Wall

Caram patched a hole in the wall of the house

Source: Homedecor

Second, you have to clean the holes or nail marks, which leave marks on the walls.

Usually these marks will be filled with sand or similar, which can interfere with the caulk mixture.

Therefore, make sure to clean the hole from dust or similar dirt.

3. Spread the Paste on the Hole Wall

close the hole in the wall

Source: Red and white semen

After making sure that the holes in the wall are clean of dust and dirt, you can apply putty to the holes.

You don’t need too much, just fill the hole with enough putty.

Once filled, smooth the putty with a putty knife so that it spreads evenly on the walls of the house.

4. Repeat if there is an error

wall wash

Source: Tosupedia.com

If you feel that the caulk has been applied unevenly or something like that, repeat the patching process from the beginning.

This is useful so that the results you get can be maximized and you don’t leave marks on the wall.

5. Wait for it to dry evenly

wall patch wait until dry

Source: Karyafurniturejepara.com

Next, you need to wait until the putty dries evenly on the wall.

You can wait for the putty to dry for 2 to 3 hours.

6. Do Sanding

patching the wall with sandpaper

Source: gnetindonesia.com

After drying, you can do the sanding process.

This is important so that the putty feels smooth and comfortable in human hands.

The sandblasting process itself is quite easy and fast.

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You can feel whether the wall filled with putty is smooth or not.

If so, you can proceed to the last stage.

7. Wall painting

painting the walls

The last step you must take to complete how to patch a hole in a wall is to paint the wall.

You need wall paint that has a color that matches the color of the wall that is being repaired.

Don’t forget to also prepare a wall brush to make the painting process easier and smoother.

When it is finished, wait a few hours for the paint to dry evenly.

It’s easy, right?

You can do the above method anywhere and anytime without needing to call a handyman at home.


So, this is how to patch a hole in a wall without nails without calling a handyman you know.

Hope useful, yes!

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