7 Ways to organize Posters in the Room. Make your room aesthetic!

7 Ways to organize Posters in the Room. Make your room aesthetic!

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If we don’t arrange them well, the posters will really spoil the appearance of an already good room. It takes a number of tricks to arrange the poster to make it look more aesthetic. Come on, see how you put posters in this room!

The bedroom is probably a multifunctional place.

It is not only a place to rest, this room can be a room for yourself with different activities and hobbies that you like.

Arranging the room by placing posters is a solution to make the room feel more comfortable to rest.

In any case, the posters that are pasted must be arranged in such a way as not to spoil the appearance of the room that is already good.

Therefore, it is good if you know several ways to arrange posters in your room to make it look more aesthetic.

Here are some ways!

How to arrange posters in rooms to look aesthetic

1. Adjust the Image on the Poster

posters on the floor

The way to organize posters in the first room is to choose good quality images.

However, it is better if you also match the picture with the decoration of your room.

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If the appearance of the room is already occupied with motives wallpaper wall, choose a poster that has a simpler shade.

The combination of colors and posters that are too busy make the room look crowded and lifeless.

Therefore, adjust the images on the posters that will be installed with the conditions of each room.

2. Group the Poster

After you have several posters that you want to install, group them.

You can group them according to a particular topic.

For example, an anime theme on one wall and a simple themed poster on the other wall.

3. Make a Laying Sketch

the man who sketches on paper

source: unsplash.com/@convertkit

Making a layout sketch is a way to arrange posters in a room to make it look more aesthetic.

You can make a plan on a piece of paper if there are many posters published.

The layout sketch that was made should not be too complicated.

To avoid streaks, use a pencil so you can replace it at any time if the sketch doesn’t feel right.

Do not forget to make a proper space for one poster to another.

4. Select a tool to Attach the Poster

Before installing posters in the room, provide the necessary materials.

Usually, a large main poster is mounted with a frame to make it look special.

Choose a frame whose color matches the picture and wall decoration of your bedroom.

As for other posters that are medium to small in size, these posters can use other tools such as washi tape and double tape.

This thing can be adapted to the preferences and size of the room of each person.

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5. Install the largest Poster first

large movie poster in the room

source: spotlightdisplays.com

The way to arrange posters in other rooms is to put the biggest posters first.

This step is done so that the largest poster becomes a benchmark for other posters to be hung around it.

An example of this applied art will be the center of attention, so choose the best poster from what you have.

6. Choose a Small Poster Location

After the installation of the largest poster, then arrange the posters that are smaller in size according to taste.

For a modern feel, try randomizing the placement of the posters in groups.

Make sure none of the poster frames are tilted either too close or too far.

It is better not to put signs near the windows.

This is because the windows are connected to the outside world as a view of the environment outside the house.

Placing a poster nearby reduces the impression of nature and disturbs the beautiful natural landscape near the window.

7. Don’t post too many Posters

the way to organize posters in the room is not to put too many posters

source: hipwee.com

The way to organize posters in the last room is not to put too many posters.

Too many posters in a room will really give a cluttered impression.

Therefore, adjust the number of posters that will be installed and arranged in your room.

Also make sure that the posters that are installed do not spoil the aesthetics of the room before the arrangement.


It was the way to organize posters in your room that you can try, Property People.

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