7 ways to make delicious coffee at the cafe

7 ways to make delicious coffee at the cafe

For some people, preparing a cup of coffee has become a routine to keep the spirit and make them happy mood it gets better. Of course, we also need to know how to make good coffee at home.

It may sound trivial because we can directly make coffee bag with hot water. However, it turns out, there are many ways to bring a cup of coffee to la coffee delicious and fragrant, you know.

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So, how do you make delicious coffee?

Making good coffee is not as difficult as you might think. Because you just need it coffee appropriated

Check out some simple guides on how to make coffee with different equipment below.

1. Pour Over Coffee Machine

In general, coffee is sold coffee it has an important component that must be maintained, namely the right taste and aroma. You can easily make coffee of similar quality through the help Pour Over Coffee Machine this.

The reason is that this machine has a filter that works as a coffee separator. In addition, this tool is also provided pitcher or a small coffee container that is usually used to hold coffee.

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Here are the steps to make coffee coffee pour over.

  • Prepare boiling water with a temperature of 195 ° F to 205 ° F. Do not forget to also prepare ground coffee.grinder until it has a consistency like grains of salt.
  • Install the pre-cleaned filter in the coffee machine.
  • Pour the coffee grounds and boiling water into the filter. Let it stand for a moment and return slowly and evenly until the coffee drips perfectly.
  • Make sure the water is deep drop it stays between half and three quarters.
  • When you are done, carefully remove the filter and the coffee is ready to be enjoyed

Moreover, you can also add milk according to the taste to add a tasty taste to the coffee.

how to make good coffee
Asobu Pour Over Coffee Maker – Hitam

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2. French press

If you want to make coffee in a simpler way, you can use a machine French press. It is enough to prepare the best coffee beans that you grind until they have a rough texture like breadcrumbs.

Then, prepare the boiling water and pour the coffee on the bottom of the machine. Shake well and let sit for 4 minutes while constantly pressing the lever.

French press for making coffee
Delicia Teko Kopi French Press 1 Ltr – Silver

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3. Coffee dripper

Undoubtedly, making coffee in the traditional way can really produce an extraordinary taste. To produce a coffee-like drink, you can use finely ground coffee.

Just put the coffee grounds in the filter and the coffee maker. After that, pour boiling water in the middle and wait for the coffee to drip completely. You can wear it had to goose neck so that the steeping of the water can be distributed more evenly.

coffee dripper
Hario Coffee Dripper V60 – Transparent

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kopi ala kafe
Hario Coffee Dripper V60 – Red

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4. Automatic coffee machine

This method is the easiest and quite modern. Just press the button provided in the coffee machine, then add milk to make it taste more delicious.

However, the price coffee machine automation is usually relatively more expensive. This is because this coffee machine has features grinding and attractive design.

how to make automatic coffee
Ariete Coffee Maker Espresso W Grinder

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5. Coffee with heat protection

For you coffee lovers, this Kels coffee maker is a must-have kitchen tool. This machine has been equipped with features grinding and infusion making it suitable for the preparation of ground coffee and coffee beans.

In addition, there are also features heat protection which serves to keep the coffee warm.

coffee machine recommendation
Kels 850ml Grind & Brew Electric Coffee Maker

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6. Espresso coffee maker

Prepare your coffee in a more practical way espresso machine. Just press one of the available buttons and wait about 10 seconds for the coffee to brew properly.

Uniquely, this coffee is also complete with a glass. You can also make coffee anytime and anywhere because this machine does not need electricity to operate.

the right way to make coffee
Wacaco Nanopresso espresso machine

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7. Coffee I had

Enjoy hot coffee at any time becomes more practical Kels coffee maker. This coffee machine has a capacity of 600 ml and has the following features: anti gout thus preventing coffee drops from falling onto the heating plate.

coffee machine with teapot
Madison Kels coffee 600 ml

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Tips for making delicious coffee Coffee home

Here are some coffees you can use. Well, here are some things you need to pay attention to when making delicious coffee at home.

1. How many scoops of coffee do you need?

In fact, there is no definite measure for making coffee. You see, we need to readjust to our liking.

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However, according to Matthew Marks, an American professional expert in the world of coffee, he said that to make 6 ounces of prepared coffee they need 2 tablespoons of coffee, or the equivalent of 11.25 grams of ground coffee and as much water 3/4 of the coffee. cup size.

2. How many spoons of sugar do we need?

Launch from American Heart AssociationTo maintain a healthy body and avoid potential diabetes, it is recommended to include 6 teaspoons of sugar for women and 9 teaspoons of sugar for men.

3. What ingredients can be mixed into coffee to make it tastier?

  • cinnamon: This strong aromatic spice can add a distinctive flavor to a cup of coffee.
  • Cocoa beans: It can provide a thicker and more delicious texture, as well as complete nutrition that makes the body more relaxed. Be sure to roast the cocoa beans before using.
  • Coconut milk: It gives more texture creamy and an extra delicacy.
  • Cardamom: It helps neutralize the caffeine content in coffee making it safe for ulcer patients.

In addition to the above tips, you also pay attention to the right amount of water and the temperature in degrees Celsius of the boiling water to get the right coffee composition.

Well, these are some guides on how to make delicious coffee that you can make at home.

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