7 ways to grow succulents. Turns out it’s not as complicated as you think!

7 ways to grow succulents. Turns out it’s not as complicated as you think!

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Interested in home gardening? You can start by learning how to grow succulents. It’s easy and anyone can do it. Come, try it at home!

Succulents are one of the most popular types of plants among ornamental plant lovers.

The reason is, succulents can be used as complementary decorations that can beautify the room.

Unfortunately, many people prefer to shop in stores offline neither online than growing and caring for succulents at home.

Most of them think that the process of growing this plant is very difficult.

In fact, you can do it at home. that’s it!

Citing from various sources, take a look at how to plant succulents below!

7 Ways to Plant Succulents That Are Good and Fair

1. Prepare the planting media

how to plant succulents prepare planting media

source: hipwee.com

The first way to plant succulents is to prepare the planting medium.

Succulent plants actually have a natural habitat, namely areas of dry soil with a low temperature.

So, for succulents to grow normally, they must be able to meet a composition that is close to the soil conditions in their natural habitat.

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Here are some types of soil that should be prepared for succulent planting media:

  • Plain sand or beach sand
  • humus soil
  • Perlite mineral soil
  • Volcanic land

After that, mix the four types of soil above with a proportion of humus sand, perlite and volcanic sand 2:4:5:1.

Then, stir until the soil mixture is evenly distributed.

Once flat, you can put it in a pot.

2. Choose the Right Pot

Because it is an ornamental plant, it is better if the pot used for succulent plants is not plastic polythene bag normal

You can use a plastic bucket pot whose size is suitable for the type and character of the planted succulent.

Not only the size, you can also choose different shapes and colors of the pots used.

3. Do the process of filling the soil in the pot

someone put the soil in the pot

source: kompas.com

After choosing a suitable pot, fill the pot with the soil that was prepared earlier.

During the process of filling the soil, do not fill it too much, but leave about 5 centimeters from the upper surface of the pot.

So, keep the soil dry because succulents have their natural habitat in dry soil.

4. Prepare the Succulent Seeds

Most succulents are cacti that have thick stems.

To reproduce this ornamental plant, you can use the vegetative method, that is, by pieces of leaves or stems.

If the vegetative method has been carried out, the succulent seeds are ready to be planted in potted plant media.

5. Plant Succulent Seeds

how to plant a good succulent

There are many ways to plant succulent seeds.

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Here is the explanation:

  • Dig a hole in the pot to a depth of about 1/3 to 1/2 of the seedling.
  • Plant the succulent seedlings in the holes and cover them again with soil.
  • Cover and just let the soil dry.

6. Place succulents according to their type

The process of planting succulents does not end there.

You also determine the location of the plant, whether indoors or outdoors.

Therefore, it is good if you know the characteristics of succulents first.

Red or purple succulent plants tend to have difficulty adapting to less warm environments.

Therefore, they will be suitable to be placed outside.

Meanwhile, succulent plants with bright green colors are able to adapt to the cold environment and the lack of sun.

In this way, you can place this ornamental plant in the room.

7. Water the plants regularly

how to grow succulents by managing plants

source: trikmerawat.com

The last way to plant succulents is to water the plants.

Unlike most plants, you should not water your succulent directly at the base of the plant or the soil.

The right way to water succulents is to spray with a bottle spray on the leaves and stems.

Do this irrigation process in the morning and evening.

However, make sure you don’t get too routine, that’s okay!


I hope the discussion on how to plant succulents above can be useful for Homeowners, yes!

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