7 Ways to get rid of the smell of fish eggs on the floor. Don’t Dip!

7 Ways to get rid of the smell of fish eggs on the floor. Don’t Dip!

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Accidentally leaving eggs on the floor causing a fishy smell? Do not wash immediately, yes. There are, that’s it, how to get rid of the fishy smell of eggs on the floor that you can try. Bad smell guaranteed to disappear!

Eggs are a common ingredient in cooking.

Usually, eggs are stored in the refrigerator or in an area that is considered safer.

In addition to being able to be fried directly as a side dish, eggs can also be combined with other food ingredients.

For example, as an ingredient in the preparation of cakes or processed with other dishes.

However, what if the fried egg falls on the floor causing a persistent fishy smell?

If you experience this incident, avoid immediately mopping it, Property People.

The reason is that this will really make the fishy smell of the eggs last a long time and it will bother you.

Citing different sources, here’s how to get rid of the fishy smell of eggs on the floor of the house.

7 Ways to get rid of the smell of fish eggs on the floor

1. Sprinkle salt

sprinkle with salt

First, you must first take the egg shell and throw it in the trash.

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So, instead of removing it immediately, all you have to do is sprinkle the salt on the area of ​​the broken egg until it covers all the egg liquid.

According to some sources, salt is a natural ingredient that can absorb odors or aromas in the floor, including the elimination of the fishy smell of eggs that fall to the floor.

Later, the salt will make the egg stick stick so that the cleaning process is easier.

2. Leave it for 10-15 minutes

Next, do not go directly to clean the area of ​​broken eggs.

Ideally, allow the process to absorb the salt and egg fragments for 10 to 15 minutes so that the eggs are completely attached to the salt.

The sticky egg pieces will become a little hard.

After you feel all the liquid from the egg stick to the salt, do the next step.

3. Use vinegar and newspaper

Remember again, in lifting the broken egg, avoid using a mop.

Instead, use the old newspaper to remove the egg fragments.

However, for maximum results, it is recommended to add vinegar so that the smell of the eggs can be raised quite quickly.

Rub the newspaper on the surface of the egg, then add a few drops of vinegar and wait about 20 minutes.

When removing the broken eggs, do it with a single broom so as not to spread it in other areas.

4. Bring it on Baking soda

baking soda

Well, so that the smell of fish wanders, use it baking soda in the area of ​​the egg fragment.

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Baking soda It has been widely used as a versatile cooking ingredient.

In addition to making cakes, it turns out that baking soda can also remove the fishy smell of eggs.

5. Lemon juice

As an alternative, you can also choose lemon juice to remove the fishy smell of the eggs on the floor.

This is done if you feel that the aroma of fish still feels dense even if it has been sprinkled with baking soda.

Launch Apartment therapylemon has the ability to clean and remove fishy odors.

In fact, some sources say that the smell of lemon can even repel insects.

So, if the fishy smell of the eggs is considered quite disturbing, the option you can choose after doing the previous methods is to clean the floor with this lemon juice.

6. Sprinkle Coffee or Tea

Another option that you can also choose is to sprinkle coffee or tea powder on the floor that is stained with broken eggs.

However, to completely remove the smell of the egg with this method, it takes a long time because it must be left overnight.

Because the ingredients are not too difficult to find, some people often choose this method, that’s it.

7. Clean the floor thoroughly

how to get rid of the fishy smell of eggs on the floor

Cleaning the floor is an option you can choose if there are a lot of eggs falling on the floor.

The reason is that the more eggs that fall, the more difficult it is to remove the fishy smell.


This is how to get rid of the fishy smell of eggs on the floor, Property People.

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