7 ways to get rid of snakes from the house and first aid if bitten

7 ways to get rid of snakes from the house and first aid if bitten

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Come or not, if you don’t know, do the right way to get rid of snakes so they don’t bite. In any case, calm down, don’t panic!

Property People, not a few are afraid of the existence of snakes.

This animal moves slowly, silently, and has very fast reflexes.

Not only that, some types of snakes are said to have dangerous venom…

It is also deadly!

That is why many people panic when a snake enters the house.

Are you one of them?

This condition is natural, especially snakes are not friendly animals.

Indonesia itself is one of many countries with a tropical climate, a place where almost all flora and fauna live.

Of course, one of them is a snake!

Very dangerous poisonous snake venom


One of the reasons why many people are afraid of snakes is that their venom is poisonous and can have deadly consequences.

Even so, the fact is that not all snakes have venom in every bite.

Africa, Brazil, India and Southeast Asia are named as the areas with the most deaths from snake bites.

Inevitably, Indonesia is also one of the countries that are prone to the spread of snakes according to the previous explanation.

In addition to cobras, you should be careful of the following types of snakes:

  • Copper/Bronze Head Serpent (Copperhead snake)
  • coral snake (coral snake)
  • big skin (rattlesnake)
  • Ular moccasin air (water moccasin snake)

All snakes will bite when they are startled or feel threatened.

Snake bites can be fatal if not treated immediately.

So, it’s time to follow the path to get rid of a powerful snake below!

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7 Effective ways to get rid of snakes from the house

1. Open All Doors and Ventilation Home

open the door of the house

Leave the snake alone and find a way out of it.

Most snakes will leave the house only if given time and opportunity.

If you find a snake in the garage or a room that leads to the outside, open the door immediately so it can slide right out.

This is a simple and more reliable method than the direct approach.

Usually, snakes feel threatened and scared when you try to approach them.

The more fearful the snake, the two different things the snake will do.

First, he will crawl further into the narrow corner of the house.

Second, snakes can attack you from behind because they think of you as a threatening enemy!

2. Use Traps

snake trap

Not forever, no, you and other family members are willing to silence the presence of snakes around the house?

Install a snake trap that can help solve this.

The shape of the trap can vary, depending on the needs…

Some of the popular ones are stickers and fishing cages in which slices of meat are placed.

When catching a non-venomous snake, place the trap in a bucket, then take the snake out of the house.

After that, extinguish the snake with vegetable oil that has a pungent aroma so that the snake can come out immediately.

3. Spread the Scent that Snakes hate

snake in the garden

People have long believed that the most effective way to get rid of snakes is a sprinkling of salt…

However, this method did not work that’s it!

Snakes are scaly animals, not slimy.

So the presence of salt does not change the situation significantly.

In fact, snakes hate smells like fragrances.

Try spraying fragrances like perfume or air freshener.

Guaranteed the snake will go away by itself.

You can also wash the area around the snake with carbolic acid or another type of room cleaner.

Be careful with watering, usually snakes can move quickly and target parts of your body!

In essence, take advantage of the fragrant aroma of related products to prevent snakes from entering the house.

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As an effort to prevent, spray the corner of the room or the entrance that the snakes usually pass.

Currently, there are already many air fresheners and special tools to release the fragrance at home.

4. Close Small Cracks in the House

house wall

The next way to get rid of snakes is to close small spaces in the house.

Examine the exterior of your home for possible unexpected entry points for snakes.

Snakes are good at sneaking through tight places, so even the smallest spaces can be easily overcome.

Drains and vents are other potential entry points.

Therefore it is necessary to ensure that all HVAC fans, dryers and bathrooms are closed.

You can use putty or some type of hard foam to close these small gaps.

Place wire mesh in chimneys, vents, and other places where snakes can enter the house.

The diameter of the hole in the gauze should not be more than 0.5 cm, so that the snakes cannot penetrate.

Make sure to close the doors and windows tightly.

5. Diligently Cut Grass and Wild Plants

down the lawn

Did you know that snakes like places with lots of bushes and tall grass?

This means, avoid leaving the garden unattended with grass and shrubs that are rarely cut!

Use the habit of mowing the grass, bushes that are starting to come out, brooms of fallen wooden branches.

Remove trees and other lush plants that are usually used as a place for snakes to live.

Indirectly, you have implemented a way to repel snakes that is quite effective.

In addition, a dirty habitat is also a perfect place for rats, insects and other types of animals.

As a result, the snake will come and look for the prey it wants.

6. Clean up the Puddle in the Yard

clear the page

Snakes also prefer cold, wet areas.

So, do what you can to eliminate sources of stagnant water.

So, anything that can be done to dry the lawn and bring more sunlight, can minimize the presence of snakes.

However, if one day you encounter a non-venomous snake in your garden, just let it go on its own.

7. Get rid of other Pests at home


One of the reasons snakes come to our homes is to find food.

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Therefore, make sure that the house is free from other types of pests.

Snakes eat mice, crickets, snails and a wide variety of insects.

If you have a problem with a pest, try to fix it immediately.

Yes, this is done so that the home environment is no longer a place to eat these reptiles.

First aid when bitten by a snake at home

bitten by a snake

Have you already understood the list of ways to get rid of snakes above?

NahNow is the time for you to ask at home for the safety of the whole family.

But the thing called disaster, everyone no you will know when it comes.

If one day you, a family member or a friend is bitten by a snake, then take it easy…

Then do the following:

  1. Make sure the snake is poisonous or not. If you do not know and have not seen a snake, then we assume that the snake is poisonous.
  2. Limit body movement to prevent the flow of toxins that can spread in the blood.
  3. Make sure the bite area is below the level of the heart. If bitten in the area of ​​the hand, for example, try not to be raised higher or in line with the heart.
  4. Do not use tourniquets or body zones. The reason is that the link is often not right on target and even kills the healthy tissue and results in amputation.
  5. Do not apply pressure to the bite area with a cold compress, or try to cut the bite mark with a knife. Also avoid sucking the venom into the bitten area with your mouth.

Again, although most snakes are not poisonous, it is best to perform the above first aid to be on the safe side.

The rest, you can take care of yourself by expelling the snake above.


Hope useful, Property People.

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