7 Ways to get rid of frogs that enter the house so they don’t come back

7 Ways to get rid of frogs that enter the house so they don’t come back

the frog enters the toad's house

Source: Tubby Toad.

If a frog enters your home, you will surely find a way to get rid of these slippery-skinned animals.

Frogs are wild animals that are quite familiar in Indonesia. However, the presence of frogs is sometimes undesirable.

In addition to their somewhat hideous appearance, frogs are also considered disgusting animals.

Some people are amused or even run away when they see this tiny animal.

There is no need to kill them because there is a myth that frogs bring good luck.

7 ways to get rid of frogs from entering the house without killing them

Here are different ways to get rid of frogs that enter your home without hurting these animals.

1. Do not leave the house damp and dirty

treehugger clean house

Source: Treehugger.

If your house is near a ditch or a rice field, the possibility of frogs entering your house is quite high.

The frog likes wet places because it makes them comfortable to live.

The frogs that come to the house are also looking for food, like insects, and also looking for a place to live.

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So, make sure that the house is always clean. Do not forget to close the sewer access to the cellar with wire.

2. Exterminate insects around the house

mosquito trap sap

Source: Elevenia.

The main food for frogs in the house is insects, such as mosquitoes, moths, mosquitoes, ants and dragonflies.

If you want to get rid of the frogs without killing them, then you have to eradicate the insects that are the main food for the frogs.

You can install a type of mosquito repellent lamp, which acts as a trap as it catches all flying insects.

3. Catch and Dispose of Frogs

toads enter the house toadsnfrogs com

Source: toadsnfrogs.com

The only solution to get rid of frogs in your home is to catch them, then throw them out of your home.

When necessary, place your captured frog in its natural habitat, such as bushes or places near water, such as rivers, lakes and ponds.

To catch the frogs, you can use a net with a long stick, so you don’t have to hold the frog directly.

4. Clean Your Yard

clean lassanaslandscapinginc home garden

Source: lassanaslandscapinginc.com

Toads that get into the house like to live in bushes and grassy areas.

So, try to reduce the trees in your garden.

Grass that has not been cut for a long time will grow taller and thicker.

Well, grass can be a home for frog species.

Don’t let the grass in your garden grow too tall and thick.

Immediately cut the grass so that it is cleaner and does not become a frog’s nest.

5. Turn off the Garden Lights on the Home Yard

garden lights

Source: Bukalapak.com

Some say that frogs like to live in dark places, so we have to provide adequate lighting outside the house.

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In fact, lights that are installed outside the house cause small insects to come and hit the lights.

The presence of these insects will attract the attention of frogs to come and hunt insects.

Therefore, it is better to turn off the lights in the yard.

If you don’t want the patio to be too dark, provide a slightly dim light so as not to invite insects to come.

6. Raise the animal that the frog is afraid of

pregnant cat

Source: infobintang.com

The best way to get rid of frogs from entering your home without having to exterminate them is to keep animals that frogs are afraid of, such as cats and dogs.

Frogs are afraid of animals many times their size.

The reason is that frogs have instinct if the animal hunts and preys.

7. Close the pool in your house

Derflex-sign pool cover

Source: derflex-sign.com

Like amphibians that can live on land and in water, frogs that enter the house will certainly like places with stagnant water.

Frogs use water bodies to mate and lay eggs.

In particular, there will be more frogs, which travel around during the rainy season.

You can do how to get rid of frogs without having to close the fish pond, or swimming pool in your home.

Covering ponds during the rainy season is also important, so as not to create a new stagnant water that frogs like.

In addition to this, you can also make a fence that is narrow and high enough around the pond, to prevent the frogs from returning.

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So, there were many ways to remove the frogs from entering the house so that they do not come again.

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