7 ways to eliminate negative aura at home. Do it every day!

7 ways to eliminate negative aura at home. Do it every day!

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Without realizing that the house has a negative energy that is very influential on its inhabitants. In order not to worry about the negative aura at home, we do the following ways to remove the negative aura at home.

Humans have feelings that can spread across the room.

The negative and positive aura that mixes in the house can be installed if you do not get it out immediately.

Negative energy can also have a long-term negative impact.

Imagine, what if you live in a house with a dark and gloomy atmosphere?

Do not delay any longer!

Here is how to remove negative energy at home that must be done regularly every day.

7 ways to get rid of negative aura at home

1. Open all the windows in the house

open the window of the house

The first way to remove the negative aura in the house is to open all the windows of the house.

If the windows of the house are always closed, this can be bad.

Air circulation in houses that have closed windows will cause a feeling of stuffiness or stuffiness.

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2. Use Yellow Wall Paint

interior of the yellow house

According to an interior designer, Ana Zuravliova, the yellow color can neutralize the negative energy that circulates in the house.

In addition, the application of yellow on the walls can make the room seem cooler and warmer. you know.

3. Scented Citrus Deodorant

orange essential oil

The next way to remove the negative aura in the house is to use an orange fragrance.

However, many argue that the smell of citrus will be reminiscent of the smell of the sun.

In fact, when you wake up in the morning, you will automatically get positive energy when you inhale this orange scented room deodorizer.

In addition, in the science of feng shui, placing plants or flowers in the room is also able to renew the energy in the house, you know.

One of the recommended flowers is the lily.

This flower has a symbol of peace, so it removes negative energy and replaces it with a good positive aura.

4. Add Multiple Mirrors

how to remove the negative aura

Adding some mirrors in the house will also dissipate the bad energy in it.

Even if you get rid of this negative aura, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety factor, but do not choose a mirror with a pointed tip.

It is recommended to choose a round or oval.

5. Calm colors in the interior

pastel green interior

Do not choose too many dark colors in a room, because the color composition also affects the energy in a room.

It is recommended that you use muted colors when choosing home furniture

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6. Always keep the house clean and tidy

how to remove the negative aura

Cleanliness and order is certainly an important factor that must be applied by all residents of the house.

A clean and tidy house will give positive energy.

Likewise, a clean house will create a comfortable home atmosphere to live in.

So, you don’t get used to storing things that are damaged or no longer used.

According to Anjie Cho, a famous feng shui practitioner, he said that damaged and unused items can bring negative energy into the house.

Therefore, pay close attention to the cleanliness of the environment around the house.

Both inside and outside the house.

How to get rid of negative aura according to Islam can also make your mood better.

7. Sprinkle the Corners of the House with Salt

how to remove the negative aura

According to the experts of Muse Energi, the sure way to remove the negative aura in the house is to sprinkle salt.

Sprinkle salt in the four corners of the house and in every corner of the room.

Then leave it for about 48 hours.

After that, you can sweep the grains of salt, then throw them in the trash.

Prayer to eliminate the negative aura in the body

hands in prayer

Launch from coil, For those who follow Islam, you can get used to dhikr as much as possible every day.

The dhikr that is read says “Yaa Allah” continuously and istiqamah in doing his deeds.

To strengthen the intention and desire to remove the negative aura in the house.

You can perform the tahajjud or hajat prayer as much as two rakaat in 1/3 of the night.

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After that, continue reciting “Yaa Allah” 500 times.

God willing, with Allah’s permission, your prayers or wishes will come true as soon as possible.


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