7 ways to easily clean a 2-tube washing machine

7 ways to easily clean a 2-tube washing machine

how to clean 2 pipe washing machine

How to clean a 2 pipe washing machine apparently you can do at home. Go ahead, see the following steps.

Washing machine 2 tubes or double tube is a type of washing machine that is quite popular in Indonesia.

There are two parts to this washing machine, the first part is for washing and the second part is for drying the clothes and removing the water.

NahFor those of you who still use this type of washing machine, make sure to clean it diligently, OK?

This is because a dirty machine can cause a 2-tube washing machine to wear out quickly.

Therefore, so that the washing machine in your home continues to function optimally, see how to clean it easily below, go!

How to clean a 2 tube washing machine

1. Using Bleach

Using bleach can be a way to clean a 2 tube washing machine without disassembling it.

You can also clean the inside of the yellow washing machine tube.

The trick, you can put hot water in the washing machine and pour enough bleach for the clothes.

Next, run the washer for a few minutes to allow the water and bleach to mix.

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Then, leave it for a while and rinse with clean water until it is finished.

2. How to clean a 2-tube washing machine with baking soda

How to Clean a Washing Machine 2 Tubes with baking soda and vinegar

Source: Tokopedia

The second cleaning method is to use baking soda or baking soda.

You can put hot water in the tub of the washing machine followed by baking soda and vinegar to taste.

After that, turn on the washing machine for a while so that all the ingredients dissolve.

When it is finished, leave the water in the washing machine for about 30 minutes and rinse well.

3. Always Clean Up Remains Laundry Detergent

Cleaning residual detergent after washing clothes is also a powerful way.

Just wash the washing machine after each use and throw away the water.

If you do this method regularly, the 2-pipe washing machine at home will always be clean.

4. Using the Right Detergent

How to clean a 2 tube washing machine with liquid detergent

Source: Rinso

The next way to clean the 2 pipe washing machine is to use the right detergent.

You must use the right detergent so that the quality of the machine and the clothes you wash are maintained.

For example, with a specially formulated concentrated liquid detergent for top-loading washing machines.

5. Routinely Wipe the inside of the Washing Machine

Another way to clean a washing machine is to regularly wipe the inside of the washing machine.

Dry pipe sections prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that cause musty odors.

In addition, a dry tube will also help maintain the quality of the washing machine to be more durable.

6. Clean the filter or filter of the washing pipe

Cleaning the filter or filter of the washing machine should also be done regularly.

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This can be a way to clean a clogged 2 pipe washer.

The reason is, in this section, the soil remaining from washing the clothes remains a lot.

You can clean once a week with a mixture of vinegar or baking soda.

7. Clean the outside of the washing machine

The exterior of the washing machine is also an important factor to clean.

The reason is, because the cleanliness of the washing machine is maintained, the exterior also needs attention.

To clean this part, you can use a clean cloth that has been soaked in hot water.

Next, wring out the cloth and wipe or wipe the outside of the washing machine until it looks clean.

You can also use a small amount of liquid detergent to clean stubborn stains.


It’s how to clean a 2-tube washing machine without disassembling it that you can apply at home.

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