7 Ways to Decorate a Narrow Bedroom Simple to Look Aesthetic

7 Ways to Decorate a Narrow Bedroom Simple to Look Aesthetic

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There are many ways to decorate a simple room to make it appear aesthetic and comfort. One of them applies white wall paint.

Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful bedroom? home is it beautiful

Besides being a place of rest, the bedroom is actually the room that is probably the most used in the house.

Inevitably, designing a good bedroom and paying attention to its comfort is a must.

However, many people think that creating a good room requires a lot of money.

The room should ideally be spacious so that we can arrange it in this way.

However, this assumption is not true.

Because, creating a comfortable room does not always have to be expensive and the size should be spacious.

There is a way to decorate a simple room to make it look aesthetic it’s great cozy.

Curious, how to decorate a simple room?

Culled from various sources, here is the full review!

7 simple ways to decorate a room

1. Applying White Paint

how to decorate a simple room

source: instagram.com/homamemoo

The first simple way to decorate a room is to apply white paint.

Why does it have to be white? The reason is that this color has a neutral character so, when combined with other colors, the room will always look dapper.

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In addition, white is able to create optical illusions; make a narrow room look spacious.

2. Use ornamental plants

Next is to keep some ornamental plants in the room.

Not only does it make the atmosphere fresh, the presence of ornamental plants makes the room more lively.

For maximum use, save the ornamental plants leaves internal which are stubborn and do not require complicated maintenance.

3. Store the Mirror

A small room should not be an excuse to struggle to organize.

That’s because at this time, there are many ways to create rooms aesthetic, although the room has a narrow size…

One of them is to keep a relatively large mirror.

Similar to white paint, a large mirror, such as the size of a body, can make the room appear larger.

Especially the mirror models sold market it has a unique and beautiful shape.

You can choose at will, adjust to taste.

4. Minimize Unnecessary Furniture

how to decorate a simple room

source: instagram.com/dianalfah_

Comfortable rooms can also be achieved by minimizing the use of furniture.

Because with a lot of furniture, a small room will feel cramped.

You will also find it difficult to be creative if the room is full of furniture.

Try to keep the things you need in the room, so the room feels more comfortable.

5. Install a Shelf on the Wall

Installing shelves on the wall is an option for how to decorate a simple room.

With shelves, you can store a lot of small furniture.

Shelves can also be used to store small ornaments. As a result, narrow rooms can look better.

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6. Use Sheets with Beautiful Motifs

So how to decorate a simple room can be tried with beautiful printed sheets.

In order not to be confused, you can combine paint colors with sheets to make it look compact.

The combination of paint with the color of the sheets is guaranteed to give birth to a room that is much more beautiful and amazing.

7. Save Aquascape or Terrarium

final, aquascape or terrarium can be an option as a sweetener in the room.

As is known, both types of “decorations” bring something alive.

In addition, both have a beautiful appearance.

To save aquascape or a terrarium in the room, you will have a comfortable and more colorful room.

Even better aquascape and the terrarium will not take much space.


It is a variety of ways to decorate a simple room to make it look aesthetic and cozy.

Hope useful, Property People.

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