7 Ways to Clean Squid Right Before Cooking

7 Ways to Clean Squid Right Before Cooking

the correct way to clean squid

How to clean the squid before cooking so that it does not smell like fish is very easy. Learn how to clean here, go!

Squid is a type of seafood seafood that many people like because of its delicacy and can also be transformed into different types of dishes.

However, there is one thing that makes people feel uncomfortable when consuming squid, namely the smell of fish.

This fishy smell is caused by improper processing methods, especially during the cleaning process.

So, how do you keep squid from being fishy when processed?

Here’s how to properly clean squid before cooking so it doesn’t smell fishy!

How to clean squid before cooking

1. Separate the Section Head

how to clean squid so they are not fish

The first way to clean the squid before cooking is to remove the head from the body.

The head of the squid should be thrown away because it is rarely used.

To separate the squid head, first grab the tail and body, then pull gently.

When you separate the head, you don’t need much force when holding and pulling so that the ink bag in the body of the squid does not break.

2. Discard the Ink Bag

When the head has been separated, remove the ink bag that is under the jaws of the squid.

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When removing these ink bags you have to be careful because they break easily.

This ink bag will be visible when the head is removed.

The way to remove the squid ink bag is very easy, that is, you just need to pull it gently and then throw it away.

However, what happens if the ink bag accidentally bursts and the ink spills?

If it is already broken, just clean it with running water until the ink is clean.

3. Cut the Tentacles

You can clean the squid tentacles or not, depending on how you plan to process the squid.

The tentacles of this squid are edible, so it is not a problem to leave them alone.

However, if you want to make squid ring fried or made topping fried ricethese tentacles are best removed.

How to get rid of squid tentacles is very easy, it can be cut directly with a knife.

4. Remove the Beak and Cartilage

Plan to grow tentacles too? First you need to remove the beak.

The squid beak is a piece of cartilage located at the base of the tentacles.

In addition to the beak, remove the transparent squid cartilage which is very thin, it looks like broken glass.

This bone had to be thrown away as it was inedible.

To remove the bone, pull gently with your fingers.

5. Remove the skin membrane

The membrane of the squid’s skin is the dark, mottled part.

Although it can be consumedin fact, in processed restaurant food, this skin membrane is removed.

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This is done so that the processed squid looks more attractive.

How to clean the squid skin membrane is not difficult, just remove it.

6. Wash and clean with running water

After removing the squid skin membrane, clean the squid body under running water until clean.

If there is still ink stuck to it or even if there are still innards remaining, you can clean it with your finger.

7. Cover with Tamarind and Salt

raw squid

Don’t you like eating squid that always smells like fish? There is a trick to get rid of the fishy smell.

How to clean the squid so that they are not fish can use tamarind and salt.

After cleaning, cover the squid with a mixture of tamarind and salt, leave for a few minutes, then rinse again under running water.

Tamarind is believed to be more effective in eliminating the smell of squid fish compared to the use of lime, lemon or vinegar.


It is the right way to clean the squid before cooking.

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