7 ways to clean rough matte ceramic. Guaranteed effective!

7 ways to clean rough matte ceramic. Guaranteed effective!

How to clean matte rough ceramic

This is how to effectively clean dull and rough ceramic tiles. In addition to using a rough ceramic cleaner, it turns out that you can also use this method. Check out the reviews in this article.

Thick ceramics will generally be chosen to be installed in areas that are exposed to a lot of water, such as the front porch of the house, bathroom or kitchen.

In addition, the building material is also often installed for ceramics carport.

The rough surface on the ceramic aims to reduce the slippery impact when exposed to water splashes.

Rough core ceramics will experience dullness with use due to exposure to dust and hot weather and rain.

To maintain the appearance of these perfect construction materials, it is necessary to clean the floor diligently.

So, how do you clean opaque ceramic?

Rather than being confused yourself, let’s go to Property People read the following tips on care.

How to clean rough ceramic

1. Clean the dust on the ceramic surface

The first step, you can sweep the floor to remove the dust and sand that is on the ceramic surface.

You can also remove the dust with clean water, so the corners that are hard to reach can also be cleaned.

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2. Use Liquid Cleaning

fason limov coarse ceramic polishing

Source: Rumahmaterial.com

You can deal with ceramic parts that have stains or moss first, usually dirt like this is more difficult to clean.

Use a thick ceramic polishing liquid, to dissolve the dirt that sticks and leave it for a while.

You can buy coarse ceramic cleaning fluid at Tokopedia!

3. Brush in a circular motion

The next way to clean rough garage tiles is to brush in a circular motion.

If the notch is not complete, repeat this step one more time, using an old toothbrush to clean the spaces between the ceramic tiles.

4. Clean the floor thoroughly

how to clean rough garage tiles by brushing them thoroughly

(Source: Kompas.com)

After the stain is gone, proceed with cleaning the entire floor, making sure there is no more dirt or stains.

Use a floor cleaning product mixed with water, this is how rough tiles can be perfectly cleaned.

5. Use wheat flour

The kitchen ingredient that you can use to clean ceramics is wheat flour.

The use of this food ingredient is very effective to remove oil stains mixed with soil.

It is enough to sprinkle flour on the dirty and greasy kitchen floors.

Then, leave it for 1-2 hours and clean until the oil stains spread on the surface of the floor.

6. Enjoy Baking Soda

baking soda for cleaning rough ceramic stairs

(Source: Sajiansedap.grid.id)

The kitchen materials that can also be used for cleaning rough ceramic stairs are baking soda.

The ingredients that are also used to make this cake can effectively restore the luster to the pottery.

As for cleaning rough ceramic with baking sodathat is, mix it with white toothpaste.

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Then, rub the rough tiles with a damp cloth until the surface is clean again.

7. Vinegar

The next way to clean a rough and dull ceramic floor is to use vinegar.

Vinegar is able and effective to make the ceramic surface shiny again.

Pour the vinegar on the opaque ceramic.

Then, leave it for 15-20 minutes and scrub the ceramic with a dry cloth.


Wow, it turns out how to clean rough ceramics is really easy, that’s right, the cleaning materials are even in the kitchen.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, okay!

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