7 ways to choose a good and durable LED TV

7 ways to choose a good and durable LED TV

choose a good TV
Choose a TV that fits the size of the room.

Analog and digital TV are two types of television that many people use. The difference between these two types of television is the use of an antenna to capture the signal.

Generally, analog TV requires an antenna to pick up the signal. It is different with digital TV that can use an antenna or a digital transmitter. Therefore, digital TV interference is less frequent.

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Also, analog TV can only be used for look at. While digital TV allows us to do it streaming and play game.

It is not surprising, Digital TV is considered more sophisticated than analog TV. In addition, we can find many models of digital television in the market today. One of them that is quite popular is the LED TV.

In addition to saving electricity and being environmentally friendly, LED TVs are able to provide a more vivid image display so that the viewing activity is more enjoyable.

So, how do you choose a good and durable LED TV?

In order not to make a mistake buying a good LED TV, consider the following tips.

1. Select the LED TV Screen Resolution

Unlike tube TVs, LED TVs offer a sharper and more beautiful picture display. We can choose LED TVs with resolutions of 720p, 1080p, 1140p, 4K and 8K.

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The higher the resolution of the LED TV, the better the display of the resulting image. So, if you want a more HD image display, you can choose a resolution of 1080p and above.

2. HDMI connection

Because it is not only used for viewing, LED TVs must have an HDMI connection. So you can stay connected to the laptop, game consoles, and Blu-ray DVD players.

Some types of LED TVs are also equipped with wifi so that you can connect the TV to the Internet smartphones and gadget others wirelessly.

3. Adjust the size of the TV to the size of the room

how to choose the size of the TV
Choose a TV that fits the size of the room.

So that the viewing experience becomes more exciting, it is a good idea to adjust the size of the TV to the size of the room. In addition, the size of LED TVs is quite different from 32 inches to 85 inches.

For example, you can use a 32-inch TV for a room of 3 × 3 square meters. If you have a larger family room, an 85-inch TV can be the right choice so that the viewing atmosphere becomes more exciting.

4. TV Functions Offered

There are many TVs that offer many advanced features. If you want to watch your favorite movie through the service streamingit is good to choose intelligent TVs that can be connected bluetooth and wifi.

In addition, there are also TVs that offer functionality Google Assistant sso you can manage intelligent TV via audio. Of course, the more complete the features and specifications, the higher the price of the LED TV.

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5. You know Refresh rate

how to choose the refresh rate of the TV
Pay attention to the refresh rate on the TV for a smoother picture.

Refresh rate refers to how much of the TV screen is able to create a new image every second. To find out refresh rate on TV, you can see it in Hz.

For example, LED TVs have refresh rate 120 Hz, so the screen can create a new image 120 times in one second. The higher the Hz dimension, the smoother the displayed image will be.

6. Choose a TV that has a warranty period

When you buy a TV, of course we hope that the TV will last and not be damaged. So, make sure you know the warranty period offered when buying a TV. Thus, you can avoid losses if the TV is damaged during the warranty period.

7. Know the amount of electricity consumption

LED TVs are actually more energy efficient than plasma TVs and LCD TVs. In any case, you still have to know the amount of energy consumption required by the TV so that the electricity bill does not swell.

A 32-inch LED TV generally requires about 60-70 watts of power, while a 50-inch LED TV requires at least 110 watts.

how to choose TV power
Pay attention to the electrical power required by the LED TV so that the bill does not swell.

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