7 ways to check the latest Indihome number 2022. Solution for those who forget!

7 ways to check the latest Indihome number 2022. Solution for those who forget!

how to check indihome at home

How to check the latest number IndiHome 2022 can help you check your bill on the Internet every month. Here is the full explanation.

Internet is now one of the most important needs for work, education and entertainment.

Also, since the Covid-19 pandemic, many people work and study through a remote system.

This naturally requires an internet connection such as a connector at home.

Therefore, more and more Internet providers are selling Internet services, one of which is IndiHome WiFi.

Unfortunately, some people often forget their IndiHome number when they want to pay bills.

Well, if you want to know this 12-digit Internet number, now there is an easy way, here it is.

Check out the full tutorial in the explanation below.

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How to check IndiHome Number via Dus Modem

How to check IndiHome Number via Dus Modem

Source: gragehotels.co.id

The first way you can find your IndiHome number when you forget it is to check the WiFi wrapping box.

When you first install the internet, of course you have a WiFi wrapping box, right?

You can save the box and look again to find the number.

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This is the most basic and easy way to find out the 12-digit number to pay this IndiHome bill.

How to check IndiHome number via MyIndiHome application

How to check IndiHome number via MyIndiHome application

Source: Dailybloggerpro.com

The way to check the second IndiHome number is to check directly through the MyIndiHome application.

The easy steps you can do with this official application are as follows.

  • Download it and install The MyIndiHome application first on the mobile phone.
  • After that ends install, login to the application.
  • Click the menu Profile > Manage IndiHome number.
  • See the red status box active.

If so, you can view the information section regarding IndiHome customer numbers, MyIndiHome wallets, and check IndiHome invoices.

How to find Huawei IndiHome Internet number

How to find Indihome number

Source: kangibay.net

The next way to check the IndiHome number is through the Huawei HG8245H5 modem that you can practice via a PC (personal computer), laptop, or cell phone.

The easy steps you can take are as follows.

  • Open the app navigator on a PC, laptop, or cellphone.
  • Then, enter the IP Address
  • enter account and Password with the format username and password Admin.
  • If he succeeds access to admin router Huawei modem, then press the WAN tab.
  • The IndiHome number will appear in the column Usernamesuch as [email protected]

How to check IndiHome number via STB

How to check IndiHome number via STB

Source: teknogram.id

Another way to check IndiHome numbers is to look at the number on the STB.

This is because usually internet technicians record your internet number on the back of the modem router.

You can also check this subscription number on the cable or on the back of the modem.

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How to find IndiHome ZTE F609 internet number

IndiHome ZTE F609

Source: Nuslab.com

There are several types of IndiHome clients, one of which is the IndiHome ZTE F609.

Launched by Jalantikus.com, if you are an IndiHome ZTE F609 customer and have forgotten your IndiHome number, you must do the following.

  • Go to the IndiHome Web Admin section
  • Connect with ZTE F609 Modem (WiFi or LAN).
  • IP type Address via navigator.
  • Use it username: administrator.
  • So enter one password from the following 3 networks, [email protected]!e8ow&q#u, or [email protected]!n03g4r6#f.
  • If he succeeds accesspress less Network and select the WAN option.
  • Then select the tab Connection name and select omci_ipv4_pppoe_1.
  • Then the IndiHome number will appear on the PPP menu in the column Username.

For your information, to pay the IndiHome ZTE F609 bill, you must add the number or to the front of the IndiHome number.

For example, the IndiHome number 812439437690 becomes o812439437690.

How to find the IndiHome Internet number from the Purchase Receipt

IndiHome invoice number

Source: Luvah.org

If all the methods have been done and you have not received the IndiHome number you are looking for.

Maybe this method can be the easiest step you can take.

Yes, you can check your IndiHome purchase or payment receipt that you usually make every month.

In the receipt, there are several identification numbers for the product you purchased, starting from Payment, Reference Number, Customer Number, Customer Name, Bill Total.

How to check IndiHome number via Customer Service

IndiHome Customer Service

Source: Tribunnews.com

Get in touch customer service it may be the last step you need to take if all the above methods don’t work.

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Regarding contact customer service (CS) The correct IndiHome is as follows.

  • Open the phone menu on the phone.
  • Type the code IndiHome CS with the area code followed by 147
  • For example, for the Jakarta area code 021, type 021147, then press the phone.
  • Inform CS regarding your need to know the IndiHome number.


That’s how to check the latest IndiHome number you need to know.

Hope useful, yes!

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