7 Ways to check electricity bills Via WA and other applications. Practice!

7 Ways to check electricity bills Via WA and other applications. Practice!

How to check electricity bills Via WA

Do you want to check your electricity bill without having to visit PLN? Don’t get confused, check out the different ways to check electricity bills via WA and other apps here, go!

Checking of electricity bills can be done by visiting the nearest branch of the State Electricity Company (PLN).

However, now people can easily check their electricity bills using a variety of applications available.

One of the most practical is to use the application WhatsApp (WA).

Apart from WA, there are also other ways to check electricity bills online online.

Reported by different sources, here are several ways to check electricity bills via WA or other applications.

How to check electricity bills Online and Offline

how to check electricity bills online and offline

Source: Kompas.com

1. How to Check Electricity Bills Via WA

PLN currently provides a service to check electricity bills with WA.

How to check electricity bills via WA is also very easy, cook. Property People only need to use smartphones to request information on the total electricity bill.

Later, the shift administrator will give the nominal by calculating the meter from the 24th to the 27th of each month.

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To check electricity bills via WA, just follow these steps.

  • Contact PLN on 08122 123 123. Then, write “Hello” or “Hi”.
  • Wait a few moments, and an automatic message will appear.
  • Type “2” to read the meter independently or postpaid electricity.
  • Type “1” to continue the autometer reading process.
  • Enter the customer ID.
  • After the customer ID has been entered, and the data read is correct, write the number of the kWh stand meter in the electricity meter.
  • Then, send a photo of the kWh meter with numbers stand which must be clearly visible.
  • If all the data that Property People send is valid, then PLN will verify the data that has been sent by the client.
  • The last step will give you information on the total amount of electricity bills for the month.

2. How to check electricity bills online through the PLN application

Not only through WA, PLN also provides a special application to easily check electricity bills.

To check your electricity bill through the PLN application, follow the steps below, OK!

  • Download the PLN mobile application first in Google Play Store or App Store.
  • After the download process is complete, open the PLN Mobile Application.
  • Select the “Information” menu.
  • Click on “Information Bills and Electricity Tokens”.
  • Enter the customer ID or meter number.
  • Click “Search”.
  • Next, the PLN electricity bill will appear.

3. How to check electricity bills through Shopee

The property can also check the electricity bill through the page ecommercesuch as the Shopee App.

Here’s how:

  • Open the Shopee application, go to the “Toll” menu, select “Billing and Entertainment”.
  • In the billing menu, select “PLN Electricity”.
  • Then, the “Electricity Token” and “Electricity Bills” tabs will appear.
  • To check electricity bills, Owners can select the “Electricity Bills” tab.
  • Enter the customer ID or meter number.
  • Wait a few moments, a personal electricity bill will appear.
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4. Check electricity bills Via Tokopedia

In addition to Shopee, Homeowners can also check electricity bills through Tokopedia.

The way to do it is not very different. Check out the steps below!

  • Open the Tokopedia application.
  • Select the “Top-Up and Billing” menu.
  • Click “PLN Electricity”.
  • Select the “Electricity Bills” menu.
  • Enter the Customer ID.
  • Click “Next”
  • Then, the electricity bill will appear.

5. How to Check Electricity Bills Through E-mail

If you do not want to install a certain application to check your electricity bill, you can also check your electricity bill without an application, one of them is through email.

The way to check electricity bills without an application is as follows:

  • Open the page email.
  • Click “Add Email”.
  • Enter the PLN email address at [email protected].
  • Enter your Customer ID or electricity meter number.
  • Enter your home address.
  • Then, click “Send”
  • You need to wait a little to wait for an answer regarding the information on the electric bill.

6. Check Bills by Phone

How to check electricity bills online offline can be done by phone. For the rate itself, it is suitable for each operator.

  • Type “123” on the call.
  • Click “Call”.
  • Prepare the area code where you live.
  • Wait for the operator to take the call.
  • If so, tell the operator that you want to check the electricity bill.

7. Check Bills Via PLN Web

Basically, checking electricity bills through the PLN web is also very easy and almost the same as using the application.

Here are the steps to take.

  • Visit the website https://layanan.pln.co.id/pln-mobile.
  • On the other information menu, click on “Information about electricity bills or purchase tokens”.
  • If you have never registered before, you will be asked to register first by entering an active email, password, unique code. If so, click “Register Account”.
  • Next, there will be an activation email, you need to click on it.
  • Try logging in with email and password which was recorded.
  • If successful, information on electricity bills and token purchases will appear.
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Well, these are the different ways to check electricity bills via WA and other applications. Very easy isn’t it?

I hope this information is useful, Property People!

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