7 Ways to change the first password of WiFi Media via HP and Laptop

7 Ways to change the first password of WiFi Media via HP and Laptop

How to change the first WiFi Media password

Find out how to change the First Media wifi password you can do with the steps here!

First Media has long been known as one of the leading Internet package providers in Indonesia, spread across many regions.

First Media Internet products are known to be very reliable for home browsing activities, which is why they are widely used by home residents.

Although it is widely used by the general public, it is not uncommon for First Media’s internet to slow down due to the large number of users around the house, thus hindering daily productivity.

To overcome this, it is highly recommended that WiFi First Media users change the WiFi password so that it is not slow.

So, what is the way to change the password of First Media WiFi at home through different channels and steps? Check out the discussion together!

How to change First Media WiFi password and Steps

Check out the following ways so that your home internet connection is not slow below:

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1. Using the Common Method

Check the following steps to change the First Media administrator password below:

  1. Connect to First Media’s WiFi connection.
  2. Type the number in the browser to go to the router page.
  3. Then, change the WiFi password you want.
  4. After filling in the numbers, you will enter the page login.
  5. On this page, please enter the word admin in the user column and if you can’t, you can use the customer number.
  6. After successfully logging in, select the “Wireless Settings” menu and select the “Setup” menu.
  7. After entering the Setup menu, enter the SSID name (Wireless Network Name) and password (Network Key) in full.
  8. Then, click “Save Settings”.

2. How to Change First Media WiFi Password for CISCO Modem

How to change Cisco WiFi password

Source: Firstmedia.com

If you are using a Cisco E-900 router, follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser on your phone or multiple devices, then type 192.168,1,1 on address bar.
  2. Then fill in the word admin or customer number in the column password, and press OK. On the column username, then just leave it blank.
  3. Select the “Wireless” menu and click “Wireless Security”.
  4. Enter the “Security Mode” field with WPA2 / WPA Mixed Mode.
  5. Enter the Passphrase field with the password you want.
  6. Click “Save Settings” to save password the new

3. Change Password Via Laptop / Smartphone

  1. Type in navigator
  2. enter username and password users with the same word.
  3. In the menu, select Network.
  4. To change usernameclick SSID Name and replace it with the last one.
  5. To change password WiFi First Media, click Security and change in the WPA Passphrase section.
  6. Then click Submit.
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4. Change the first password of WiFi Media for D-Link DIR-809 Router

  1. Make sure it is connected to WiFi First Media.
  2. After that open the tab navigator and enter the following IP Address:
  3. On the main page, enter your username and password.
  4. Then click Wireless Parameter -> Set up on the next view.
  5. Change Username and password as desired in the column provided.
  6. Finally, click Save Settings to save the changes.

5. For First Media Users with D-Link 605I Router

Wifi Password D Link

Source: Firstmedia.com

  1. open navigator via a PC or mobile phone that is directly connected to WiFi First Media.
  2. Then enter in the search tab.
  3. Fill in the column Username and password in order Login him Router used
  4. After that, enter the menu Wireless configuration -> Set it up.
  5. Change password as you want at least 8 characters.
  6. Click Save to save the changes password.

6. How to Change First Media WiFi Password with D-Link DIR-612 Router

  1. Visit IP address via computer and mobile phone.
  2. Enter the Username field with Admin.
  3. Just leave the password field blank.
  4. Click Login.
  5. Then, click on the menu Wireless Settings -> Setup.
  6. Enter the new Password that has been prepared.
  7. Finally, click Save at the bottom.

7. For Huawei LG8245V Modem Router

Huawei WiFi password

Source: Firstmedia.com

  1. Connect devices that are already connected by WiFi First Media.
  2. After that, enter the IP address
  3. Complete the login field with the following format:
  4. Username: User.
  5. Password: HuweiUser.
  6. If you have, click Login and select the Network tab.
  7. Then click on the WLAN Settings menu on the left.
  8. enter password just prepared.
  9. Finally, choose save
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Here are some ways to change First Media WiFi password with steps for different types of modems.

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