7 wall paint color trends for 2023 to make your home more aesthetic

7 wall paint color trends for 2023 to make your home more aesthetic

wall paint color 2023

The comfort of the house is influenced by the decoration and the color of the wall painting. It’s no wonder that every year many people are looking for the latest wall paint color trends, even in 2023.

Of course, the wall paint color trend in 2023 will be different from last year. The reason is that this time you have many lighter options, but it still looks minimalistic.

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Therefore, to make your home look modern and follow the times, consider the tips for wall paint colors that will be popular in 2023.

1. Color Wall Paint Beige

wall paint color
Source: pexels.com

A color similar to sand this will be one tone the most popular. In addition to making the room feel warm and cool, you can also easily connect with it furniture bright colors, such as orange and yellow.

The color of wall paint beige suitable for creating a home theme Mediterranean with a minimalist concept. Here are some tips for furniture colors you can use.

Wall paint color trends
Soleil Sofa & Table Set – Brown/ivory

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cushions for sofas
Sofa Cushions 45×45 Cm Velvet – Orange

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2. Dark Blue Wall Paint

paint color trends 2023
Source: pexels.com

Blue is always a favorite color, especially for bedrooms. You see, this color can make the atmosphere more relaxed and calm.

However, you can also use blue for the general interior. Just add it artificial and painted ornamental plants to make them look elegant, as below.

artificial ornamental plants
Artificial Plant 70 Cm Monstera Adansonii L1

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wall decoration
Mural 122.5 × 82.5 × 4.5 Cm Canvas Painting Trees

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3. Walls of Casa Orange

Wall paint color tips
Source: unsplash.com

You can use a combination of orange paint with a little brown to make it look more luxurious. Although it looks amazing, this color combination can really make a room feel more comfortable.

You can combine it with bright and neutral colored furniture, such as the yellow sofa and the brown TV shelf below.

sofa color
Nordia Arlington Fabric Sofa Set 2 & 2.5 Seat – Yellow

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straight tv
Nordika Rak Tv 140x39x43 Cm – Cokelat Kayu

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4. Rose House Walls

pink wall
Ashley Almanza 2 and 3 seater fabric sofa set 30803 – Khaki

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Use it furniture Pink can really give a sweet impression to a room. However, painting the walls in this color can also be the right choice to create a relaxed and soft room.

To make it look more aesthetic, you can add furniture in neutral colors, such as white and gray. Also add some colorful paintings in the living room.

5. Lavender Purple Color

wall color trend
Source: unsplash.com

The color of wall paint lavender or pastel violet can make a room look fresh and calm. Well, this color is suitable for you to apply to the camera.

To make it look more matching, you can combine it with light purple sheets, like our tips below.

Informa Sleep 160x200x23 Cm Antibacterial Mattress – White

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Linotela 160x200x35 Cm Polyester Sheet – Light Purple

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6. Green Jade

Wall painting
Source: unsplash.com

This color that reminds us of the natural atmosphere will be more charming when combined with blue and white furniture. You can use this color in bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen.

Here are some tips for blue, white and brown furniture that you can use.

kitchen cabinet
Scott Kitchen Cabinets – Gray

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closet shelves
Selma Stevia 120 wall kitchen cabinet – Brown oak

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7. Plain White

white wall
Info New 2 and 3 seater Kyoto fabric sofa set – Gray

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The concept of a minimalist home is synonymous with an interior dominated by white. The reason is that this color is really suitable for you to mix with any color furniture and it can make the room look wider.

So, here are some wall paint colors that will be successful in 2023.

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