7 wall mirror recommendations for family rooms

7 wall mirror recommendations for family rooms

Wall mirror tips

Wall mirrors can not only be used as decoration, but they can also make a room bigger, you know. You see, mirrors can reflect light so that the room becomes wider. In fact, you can use a mirror to see your daily appearance.

Unfortunately, not all types of mirrors can be installed in the family room. If you choose the wrong wall mirror model, the room can be really messy. I don’t want that to happen, do I?

Various Banners

So, how to choose a wall mirror?

According to The SpruceHere are three easy ways to choose a wall mirror for the family room.

1. Pay attention to the shape of the mirror

Informa 60x105 Cm Wall Mirror Aesthetic Decoration 03
Determine the shape of the wall mirror that corresponds to the function of the room

First of all, choose a mirror shape that fits the style and function of the room, as explained below.

  • Horizontal mirror: It creates the illusion of a room that looks big and wide.
  • Vertical mirror: Make the family room feel much taller.
  • square mirror: Provides symmetry or balance in the family room.
  • round mirror: It gives a soft impression in the family room.

2. Make sure the size of the wall mirror is appropriate

To make it easier, first determine the function of the mirror. Is it a focal point or just a decorative accent?

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So, if you want to serve as a focal point, choose a wall mirror size that is large enough to make it stand out.

Meanwhile, if the mirror is used as an additional decoration, you can choose a unique mirror model with a size according to the area of ​​the wall.

3. Determine the Best Frame

Informa 20x17.3 Cm Mirror Decoration Set - Rose Gold
A unique mirror for a modern style living room

Mirror frames can also beautify the room. Therefore, you should know in advance what style of room you want to create.

If you want to make a room modern and luxurious, you can choose a golden frame that has ornaments or sculptures. It’s another case if you just want to create a simple impression, then choosing a frame with simple lines is enough, you know.

The best wall mirror tips

So, in order not to get confused, we have some of the best mirror tips that you can buy only in variety

1. Wall Mirror Aesthetic

Wall mirror tips
Informa 80×75 Cm Wall Mirror Aesthetic Decoration 05

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If so, it can make the family room look bigger aesthetic, lho! The problem is that the abstract form of the wall mirror from INFORMA is abstract. Not only as a room decoration, you can also use it as a beautiful photo corner aesthetic

2. Simple Black Mirror

Wall mirror tips
Kris Decorative Wall Mirror 50×70 cm Alu – Black

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For a minimalist or monochrome family room, you can use a black rectangular wall mirror. You can hang it in two styles, sideways or vertically.

3. Oval Decoration Mirror

Wall mirror tips
Informa 50×100 Cm Wall Mirror Oval Decoration U58 – Black

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Therefore, this wall mirror recommendation is suitable for those of you who want to create a simple impression in the room. Take it easy, the frame material is already made of strong aluminum.

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4. Vertical Mirror

Wall mirror tips
Kris Decorative Wall Mirror 40×120 Cm Alu – Black

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If you want to create a family room that looks spacious, you can choose this mirror. You see, the shape of a vertical mirror can provide an interesting visual effect. Just install this mirror in the corner of the room to add a charming impression.

5. Hexagon Mirror

Wall mirror tips
Hex Mirror Wall Decoration 20×17.3 Cm Set of 8 Pcs J95

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Do you want to make a family room that looks different from the usual? You can use a decorative hexagonal mirror. Simply arrange several mirrors at once to form an aesthetic decoration that increases the visual value, like the inspiration above. Beautiful, isn’t it?

6. Round mirror

Wall Mirror 60 Cm Round U28 - Black
Wall Mirror 60 Cm Round U28 – Black

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If this is suitable for a minimalist family room. Place the mirror in front of the window to maximize the reflection of the sun. Therefore, the room seems brighter and wider.

7. Square or Box Mirror

Informa 20x20 Cm Square Wall Mirror Decoration Set J55
Informa 20×20 Cm Wall Mirror Set Square Decoration J55

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If you get bored easily with the monotonous look of your living room, choose a wall mirror in the shape of a box. You see, you can change the shape of the mirror as you want, like stacking it parallel or tilted like the inspiration above.

So, from the tips above, which mirror do you want to install in your living room? Take it easy, you can buy all the above wall mirror models only through the site variety

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