7 Unique and aesthetic hollow iron fence inspirations for minimalist homes

7 Unique and aesthetic hollow iron fence inspirations for minimalist homes

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Here are a variety of unique hollow iron fences that will make your minimalist home look even cooler.

Hollow iron is one of the materials that are often used as a fence.

In addition to being robust and not easily porous, this type of iron can also blend well when combined with other materials.

Therefore, many owners choose a minimalist design of hollow iron fence to complete the appearance of their residence.

Well, here are some unique hollow iron fence models that you can make ideas from.

Let’s get right to the point together, let’s go!

Unique and robust hollow iron fence inspiration

1. Iron Fence and Wall Model

unique wall fence design

(Source: Instagram / @indah.ariaputri)

The unique design of the wall fence looks sturdy with a combination of hollow iron material that is painted white.

In addition to being robust, the minimalist fence design also looks aesthetic because it is equipped with decorative lights.

Well, if Property People want to make a simple but luxurious house fence model, you can follow this inspiration.

2. Floral Fence

minimalist iron fence photo

(Source: Instagram / @rumahminimalis)

This iron fence model is really a favorite of many minimalist owners in the country.

Because the flower carving motif on the unique hollow iron fence makes the facade of the house look fresh.

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The front fence of the house painted in white can also give a clean and elegant impression.

3. Minimalist Terrace Fence

unique model of iron fence

(Source: Tokopedia)

This minimalist iron fence model with a symmetrical pattern gives a unique impression on the front view of the house.

The inspiration for a house fence like this is suitable for those of you who like the concept of residence open space.

Although it looks open, the galvanized hollow iron fence can still maintain the privacy of the home owner.

4. Plan Fence Design

A unique minimalist wall fence model

(Source: Instagram / @omahiyup)

This unique hollow iron fence comes with a design like piano keys.

This minimalist fence shape will certainly make the house stand out ‘eccentric’ and different from the surrounding housing.

If you like to play the piano and want your home to be different, then this minimalist hollow iron fence design can be an idea choice.

5. Elegant House Fence

unique carved hollow iron fence

(Source: Instagram / @andaraa_home)

If you are looking for the latest iron door model that looks elegant, then this image can be your inspiration.

This iron house fence design with a simple shape not only protects the house, but can also add to the aesthetics of the house.

This minimalist iron fence model is suitable for any type of house, such as a type 36 house.

6. Luxury Fence Design

single white hollow iron fence

(Source: Tokopedia)

The iron fence looks luxurious and elegant with its solid shape.

The luxurious minimalist model of iron fence with white paint also gives the impression of a clean facade.

Examples of minimalist iron fences like this can also protect residential property owners from theft.

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7. Unique Wall Fence

wall fence and single hollow iron

(Source: Instagram @naifaraeka)

The unique design of the wall appears to have an asymmetric aesthetic shape.

The use of palimanan stone and hollow iron materials in the minimalist wall pattern of the wall also adds to the aesthetic impression.

These are the various inspirations for unique hollow iron fences that are suitable for minimalist homes.

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