7 Types of wall lamps that add aesthetic value

7 Types of wall lamps that add aesthetic value

outdoor wall lamp

A wall lamp is a room lighting device that is mounted on a wall. Usually, wall lamps can be placed in the corridors of the house, the dining room, the bedroom, and in the garden area of ​​the house.

However, this lamp is not only for illuminating the room, but it can also reflect the light so that the room seems wider, you know.

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The best wall lamp tips

So this time, we have seven tips for the best wall lamps that you can use at home. What are they?

1. Solar Panel Garden Lights

Are you confused about finding the best lights for your garden? Well, you can install Krisbow brand solar panel garden lights. Unique, you don’t need an outlet to turn on this light, you know!

Yes! This lamp can turn on automatically at night with solar panel technology or solar energy that is converted into electricity.

solar panel garden lights
Outdoor solar wall lamp Krisbow Zura 1 Watt 6500k 100 lumens

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solar panel garden lights
Outdoor solar wall lamp Krisbow Zura 2 Watt 3000k 210 lumens

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2. Top Light Wall Lamp

The lights pointing towards the top of the wall can add the impression of luxury in the room, you know. Well, the use of these lights is usually suitable for living rooms, apartments and rooms that do not have much natural light.

Top light model
Lamp Eglo Almeida 2l E14

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Top wall lamp with motion sensor
Eglo Sossano Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Light – White

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3. Downlight

Different from the previous type of lamp, this lamp directs its light on the floor. Therefore, the room feels warmer. Usually, this type of lamp is used in large rooms.

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In addition, this lighting model can create an atmosphere to make it feel more intimate. Here are tips for stylish style lamps that you can use at home.

The shape of the lighting of the room towards the bottom
Eglare Braxton – Black

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Eglo Murcia Lampu – Hitam

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4. Candle Lights

To create a classic touch in the room, you can use this lamp model. Don’t worry, even though it looks like a candle, this room light is still safe because it uses a light bulb.

Well, you can use it in the living room or on the dining table to make it look luxurious.

Room lighting model with a candle shape
Eglare Bakra Lampu 2l – Merah

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Candle shaped room lighting
Eglo Meduno Room lighting on the wall 2l – white

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5. Spotlights

The spotlights are mostly placed in many dark areas, both outdoors and indoors. Usually, this lamp has a light that highlights only one part. Therefore, these lights are usually used to illuminate the decorations at home.

You can choose different types of wall spotlights with a round or square shape, such as the following.

Spotlight room lighting model
Eglo Spotlight Trillo Gu10 – Black and White

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Lights that can highlight a certain position
Eglo Spotlight Travale2 1×3.3 Watt Gu10

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6. Wall lamp Outdoors

In addition to solar panel lights, you can also rely on wall lights out of which is known as a lantern for the garden area. Usually, lights out of resistant to climate changes, both hot and during the rainy season.

You can put it in the garden behind the house to make it look brighter at night. Here is a lamp recommendation out of that you can use.

Krisbow light
Outdoor wall lamp Krisbow 10w 6500k Cool daylight

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Elegant black lamp
Krisbow outdoor lighting 6w 3000k warm white

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7. Swing Arm Lights

As the name implies, this room light with a swinging arm has a flexible design. Thus, you can direct the light anywhere. You can install it in a narrow room so it doesn’t take up too much space.

type of wall lamps
Eglare retro wall lamp – white

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type of wall lamps
Eglare retro wall lamp – satin nickel

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There are many types of wall lamps that you can use, both indoors and outdoors. You can get various types of these lamps through Ruparupa.

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