7 Types of mops and their functions as needed

7 Types of mops and their functions as needed

Currently, the types of mops are more and more diverse. This is sure to make you confused when choosing, right? Also, each mop model has a special function that is different.

The most important thing is to choose a mop that fits the type of floor. You see, cleaning tile floors with vinyl is definitely not the same. As with wooden floors that usually require special care with a softer mop.

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So, what are the types of mops?

Well, this time, Ruparupa will discuss several types winged by and its functions. Therefore, it is easier for you to choose the right one as a cleaning tool at home, here! Go check out the following!

1. String mop (mop)

Surely you are familiar with this type of mop, right? This type of traditional mop is still often used because it has good scrubbing and absorption power.

String mop usually consisting of ropes long enough to reach the corner area. Take it easy, now this mop is done complete with automatic squeeze bucket. So, you don’t need extra energy to dry the mop, you know!

mop type
This string mop is equipped with a rotating bucket that can help you squeeze the mop easily.

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2. Flat mop (flat mop)

This mop has a rectangular shape with a flat and smooth surface. Usually, the surface layer of the mop uses a cloth microfiber. The advantage of this type of mop is that you can wash the fabric and use it repeatedly.

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You can use it to clean vinyl floors at home. However, kYou have to press more tightly so that the stain on the floor really comes.

alat pel model
This mop can make the floor clean.

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3. Winged skin Spray

So, if you want to clean the floor more easily and practically, this mop is perfect for you! You see, this mop is equipped with a bottle of cleaning fluid that can be sprayed on the surface of the floor.

You can use a mop spray for all types of floors, both ceramic and vinyl. Take it easy, the mop can be washed and replaced easily, you know!

mop type
This mop is practical for cleaning floors because it is equipped with a liquid cleaning spray.

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4. Dust mop (dust mop)

Eat! This is not flat mop, Yes! At first glance the two seem similar, but this is called dust mop.

This form of mop comes with the surface of the mop that has a short tufted rope. The function of these cords is to sweep dust and dirt on the floor.

So, you can use this mop without water or dry to sweep dirty ceilings and walls.

mop type
Its fairly long shape helps to reach difficult areas that want to be cleaned, such as under chairs, up to the ceiling.

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5. Sponge mop (wing from the newlyweds)

This type of mop has a mop with foam or sponge material. It is not surprising that sput mop It has better water absorption than other mops.

Now, to squeeze the water out of the sponge, just pull the handle or lever on the mop. However, this mop is usually heavier because it absorbs water easily. Usually, sponge mop more often used in the bathroom floor.

mop type
This sponge mop can absorb water faster.

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6. Strip mop (for the strip)

Usually, strip mop often mistaken for string mopalthough both have many differences, you know!

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String mop it has a head section with fabric cut into pieces so that it becomes a bunch of strips. The fabric on a mop head is usually thinner and lighter, so it’s easier to wring out than a mop. string mop.

mop type
This mop has a high power antibacterial microfiber material.

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7. Steam mop (steam mop)

The last type of mop that looks very modern is steam mop or steam mop. As the name implies, steam mop it’s an electric mop complete with a small tube to heat the water.

The water will then be converted to steam and removed through the mop head bearings. In addition to being able to clean the floors, this mop can also be a disinfectant, so that the house is freer from germs and viruses.

alat pel model
This steam mop has 10 functions in 1 tool so that it can facilitate the task of cleaning the house.

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So, there are 7 types of mops that you should know before buying. So it’s easier to find cleaning tools that suit your needs, right?

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