7 Types of hair combs and their functions

7 Types of hair combs and their functions

Comb is hairdresser which we often use. Not only women, this item can also be used by men to keep their appearance clean and attractive.

Based on its function, the comb is divided into several types according to the hairstyle. If we use a comb that is not right, it will certainly have a negative impact, such as making the hair tangled, falling out, and split ends.

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So, what are the types of hair combs based on their functions?

In order not to choose the wrong one, consider the following types of hair combs.

1. Circular Hair Comb

round comb type
Ataru Round Hair Comb – Matte Pink
A comb with soft and comfortable bristles on the head.

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For those of you who are used to doing it hit hair, you can use a dryer with a round comb. The reason is that this comb can cause the hair to become more voluminous.

2. Shampoo hair comb

type of shampoo comb
Shampoo comb
Hair comb for shampooing that can clean the scalp to the maximum.

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This comb can be used for shampooing and is suitable for everyone hair style. Usually, shampoo combs are made of silicone. Therefore, it is gentle enough to clean the scalp properly.

3. Hair comb Paddle

shovel hair comb
Ataru Marble Hair Comb – Pink
This comb is useful for detangling tangled hair and can massage the scalp.

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Paddle comb type
Ataru Marble Hair Comb – Gray
This comb is safe and comfortable for hair and scalp.

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This type of comb is suitable for smoothing and detangling tangled hair. For those of you who have fluffy hair, you can also use this comb. However, make sure the ends of the comb are made of nylon material to reduce static effects.

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4. Oval hair comb

Oval hair comb
Ataru Oval Comb – Matte Pink
Oval comb with quality ABS, rubber and nylon materials that are friendly to the scalp.

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Well, this comb is similar to a hair comb paddle. The difference is only in the form. Usually, this comb is used to enhance long straight and smooth hair, because it can give a voluminous effect.

5. Hair Straightener Comb

types of hair straightening combs
Philips Comb for straight hair Bhh880/00 ​​​​​​​​Bk – Black
Hair straightening comb with a large brush area equipped with thermal protection technology.

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Next, there is also a hair comb. This comb is equipped with heating bristles so you can straighten your hair in minutes. Relax, you can adjust the heating temperature according to the need.

6. Ion Comb

ionic comb
Kris Pr5000 ionic comb
Ion comb with a compact shape and equipped with a battery to operate.

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ionic comb type
Kris Sisir Ionic – Black
Practical ionic comb with temperature control.

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If you want shiny hair, you can use an ion comb. The reason is, the ionic energy in the comb can rejuvenate and smooth the hair. In addition, this comb can also straighten wavy hair.

7. Massage Comb

massage comb
Ataru Massage Comb – Pink
This hair comb can comb and massage the scalp.

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type of massage comb
Ataru Massage Comb – Mint Green
Comb with soft bristles that are comfortable on the scalp.

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In addition to smoothing the hair, this type of comb can also be used to massage the head. The bristles are soft enough that they do not cause pain to the scalp. Due to its compact shape, you can easily take the massage comb with you on the go.

These are the various types of combs that you can use to style your hair. You can get all kinds of hair combs easily just by going through them www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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