7 Types of fun UNO games for quality time

7 Types of fun UNO games for quality time

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UNO games are often the preferred choice for spending quality time with family and friends. It is not surprising if type of toy UNO is quite different and not only in the form of classic cards.

Different types of UNO games are also fun to play with relatives. In fact, the UNO game will help improve intelligence and agility in establishing strategies to win the game.

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So, what are the types of UNO games?

Can’t wait to try the fun of playing UNO? Let’s first take a look at some of the types of UNO games for quality time with family and your friends!

1. ONE Stack

This block game from UNO is quite famous. At the beginning of the game, the blocks will be arranged in a tower. Well, you and your fellow players have to pull the blocks one by one without making them fall.

This game can train concentration, patience, and establish strategy. It’s so funny, isn’t it? Here are the UNO Stacko tips that you can buy.

Uno Stacko toy 42468
One Stack 42468

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2. ONE Flip Side

ONE Flip Side it is a type of UNO game with a small innovation from the classic card. Well, UN Flip Side It has two sides, namely a light side and a dark side.

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If the game starts with the light side, but suddenly someone takes a Flip card, you have to switch to the dark side. The UNO Flip Side card on the dark side has a much heavier penalty.

You can only switch to the bright side if someone takes a FLIP card again. Wow, that must be more and more stressful, right?

mainan Uno Card Flip Side Gdr44
Uno Card Flip Side Gdr44

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3. UNO Remix

This type of UNO game is quite interesting because you can make your own deck of cards in each turn. At the beginning of the game, each player can add a special card or a writing card.

Later they can write or draw on the paper, for example “Doni Skip the Round”, “Line Draw 2”, and so on. Of course, this card will be more exciting if played with 4-10 people.

Kartu Uno Epic Key Driver Gxd71
Kartu Uno Epic Key Driver Gxd71

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4. ONE ONO 99

The type of UNO game that is no less exciting is UNO ONO 99. To play this UNO card you need 2-6 people.

The rule in the UNO ONO 99 card is that you need to avoid being the one to put the cards in the waste pile. If you put cards in the discard pile, you must indicate the total.

Cards in the discard deck should not reach a total of 99 and ONO 99 cards should also be avoided. If you have it, you have to keep it and can not play. The following are recommendations for UNO ONO 99 that you can buy.

Uno Card Ono 99 Hhl37 toy
Uno Card Ono 99 Hhl37

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5. UNO Premium

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, UNO introduced the Golden Edition deck of cards Anniversary Premium this. This card comes in a luxury box and soft paper.

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You will also be given gold medal coins which must be collected during the game to win. Here are the UNO Premium tips you can buy.

Uno Cards Premium Gxj94 game
Uno Cards Premium Gxj94

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6. ONE All Wild

WHO no those who play UNO should be afraid when they receive a wild card, like reversal, draw, jump, and others? Well, UN All Wild it comes in a wilder version, you know.

There is no number or color in this card. Play only with action cards to change the fate of the game. Curious, how is the tension in this card game?

mainan Uno Card Flip Side Gdr44
Uno Card Flip Side Gdr44

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7. UNO characters

ONE Characters actually the same as the classic UNO card type. The difference is the design of the UNO card Characters there are cute cartoon characters, like The character of Buzz Lightyear from the movie Toy Story, dinosaur characters from the Jurassic World movies, and so on.

Of course, UNO character cards can be a better choice than the classic ones, right?

Uno Lightyear Hjc24 toys
One Lightyear Hjc24

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Mainan Uno Card Jurassic World 3
Uno Card Jurassic World 3

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Well, these are some types of UNO games that are fun for you quality time with your family and friends. So, which ONE do you want to try? no?

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