7 types of drinks for a refreshing new year

7 types of drinks for a refreshing new year

drink for the new year
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Welcome the new year, of course, we start thinking about a menu of dishes to celebrate with our extended family. If we discussed before dessertthis time we have tips for cool drinks for the new year.

Of course, this kind of drink can also keep you awake until midnight. Thus, you can mix with relatives and relatives.

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List of cool drinks for the new year

Well, we have provided some ideas for the types of cool drinks that you can make at home.

1. Soda for the new year

drink for the new year
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Who doesn’t love fizzy drinks? It is not only used as a companion drink when seen in the theaters, the soda is also suitable to make as a New Year’s drink.

In addition, the soda content can really cool the tongue, especially if mixed with ice cubes. You can also add syrup and pieces of fruit like watermelon to make it taste fresher.

2. Lemon tea for the new year

drink the new year
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If you like tea, you can serve cold tea. You can make tea in a teapot or a large container.

Here is a set of glasses and cups that you can use to serve this drink.

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3. Ex Gelatin

Cool drinks
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You can also create it’s gelatin before the turn of the year. How to do it is quite easy. Just mix a mixture of UHT milk, sweetened condensed milk and ice cubes.

After that, add it jelly with a taste to taste. To make it look more aesthetic, you can serve it in a transparent glass cup.

4. Fresh Fruit Ice

cool drink for the new year
Source: umma.id

Fruit ice cream is also one of the fresh drinks that you can taste before the turn of the year. Mix several fruits, such as jackfruit, coconut and avocado with syrup or condensed milk.

Then, serve in an ice cream glass for easy enjoyment.

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5. wine for the new year

New Year's drink
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To make the New Year celebrations more exciting, you can enjoy a bottle wine or wine, whether with relatives or colleagues. This fermented drink is suitable for you to open at the table or while having a barbecue together.

6. Milkshake

Source: unsplash.com

If you celebrate the New Year with your little ones, you can prepare drinks milkshake which is sweet for them.

You can serve this processed mixture of milk and ice cream as beautiful as possible to make it look attractive. Also add whipped cream on

7. Fruit punch

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You can also make processed drinks with different mixed fruits and sparkling waterresulting in a combination of cool, sweet and sour drinks.

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So, here are some tips for drinks for the new year that you can prepare.

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