7 Tools and Materials to make coffee at home

7 Tools and Materials to make coffee at home

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Not only as a breakfast friend, there are also people who like to drink coffee day and night. In addition, now there are many coffee creations, such as coffee latte and aren latte. Of course, this coffee is even better.

You can even make your coffee at home without having to go to a coffee shop, you know. Just prepare a modern coffee maker with the ingredients.

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So, what are the tools for making coffee at home?

Go check out the coffee making equipment you must have!

1. Automatic coffee machine

coffee maker
Use the Klaz 750 Ml automatic coffee machine with a power of 700 Watt to make coffee easily and practically.

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If you love to drink coffee, then you must have an automatic coffee maker at home. Besides being easier and faster, this coffee machine is equipped with advanced functions so you can make delicious coffee according to your preferences.

To be safer, you can choose a coffee machine with a heat-resistant body that can turn off automatically.

2. Tools for grinding coffee

tool for grinding coffee
Use Acepresso Coffee Grinder with Burr Blade to get the texture of your favorite coffee powder.

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To get the right texture of coffee powder, you need a coffee grinder. However, select coffee grinder with the right blade for a more consistent grind.

If you often make coffee in large quantities, you can use it coffee grinder with a relatively large tank size.

3. Coffee Beans and Coffee Capsules

coffee capsule
Prepare Acepresso Espresso Blend Coffee Capsules to make coffee faster and more convenient.

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Coffee beans are the main ingredient you need to make coffee at home. There are many types of coffee beans that you can buy as you want, such as robusta, arabica, decaf, and excelsa.

In addition to coffee beans, you can also prepare coffee capsules to make coffee quickly and conveniently. However, make sure you already have a capsule coffee machine at home.

4. Coffee dripper

coffee dripper
Provide the Delicia Coffee Maker 880 Ml to make delicious coffee manually.

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Coffee dripper serves as a coffee filter when done. Usually, this tool is used to make coffee manually. To make it more modern and durable, you can use it coffee dripper made of quality glass.

keep calm coffee dripper this is also safe to put inside dishwasher, you know. Thus, you can clean more practically.

5. Digital scales

digital scales
Provide a Kris digital coffee scale to weigh the coffee grounds so that the measurements are correct.

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This tool is also important to weigh the coffee grounds so that the dosage of the powder is more accurate. For more accurate results, you can use digital scales.

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