7 tips to remove the smell of mold on clothes

7 tips to remove the smell of mold on clothes

get rid of the musty smell

Not so clean and fragrant, the smell of the clothes can be musty due to the wrong washing technique. Have you ever experienced this? If yes, there is no need to worry. There are many ways that you can apply to get rid of musty odors in clothes.

Usually, a musty smell can arise for various reasons, including putting wet clothes in the washing machine for too long, the clothes not drying completely, not suitable for the type of detergent, and due to washing machines that are rarely clean

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Also, in the current rainy season, dry the clothes quite difficult. This also creates an unpleasant smell in the clothes we use.

So, how to remove the smell of mold on clothes?

Well, we have collected different ways to get rid of musty odors in clothes that are mentioned by many sources, such as the following.

1. Use Amazed

Musty odors on clothes may be because they do not match the type of detergent used. If so, use Astonish, a mild laundry detergent.

How to use it is easy. Just spray the Astonish on the smelly clothes, leave it for 10 minutes, then you can wash it.

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get rid of the musty smell
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2. Wash clothes with vinegar

The effectiveness of vinegar for cleaning various types of furniture and clothes is undeniable.

You can remove musty odors from clothes by pouring a cup of vinegar into a washing machine full of water and dirty clothes. Then leave it for 2 hours, then wash all the clothes by turning on the washing machine.

get rid of the musty smell
Adding vinegar when washing clothes in the washing machine can make the musty smell disappear

3. Add lemon when washing

Another way you can do to get rid of the musty smell on the clothes is to mix lemon juice and clean water when you want to wash the clothes.

If the washing process is complete, dry all the clothes with a clothesline and the smell of mold will no longer be smelled.

get rid of the musty smell
Use lemon when washing clothes and hanging them to dry to remove the musty smell

4. Use an Electric Dryer

Dry the clothes in the rainy season it is annoying because it can cause a musty smell if it is not completely dry. However, you can overcome this by using an electric clothes dryer.

This electronic device already uses a powerful dryer that is able to quickly dry clothes without making wrinkles. The design is also practical because you can fold it when not in use.

get rid of the musty smell
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5. Stuff hanging in the open area

If you don’t want to use an electric dryer, you can dry your clothes in the traditional way, using a clothesline.

Place the clothes in a place that has good air ventilation, such as a balcony or a courtyard so that it can dry quickly and minimize the accumulation of bacteria.

get rid of the musty smell
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6. Use Charcoal

In addition to vinegar, you can also use charcoal to remove musty odors from clothes. You see, charcoal is able to absorb bad odors well.

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To use it, you need to first wrap the charcoal in a piece of cloth or put it in a small container so that the black spots do not spread on the clothes. Then, put the charcoal right in the dressing room so that all the smells can be absorbed.

7. Add Essential Oils

In addition to clothes that are not dry, musty smells on clothes can also arise if they are kept in the closet for too long. However, you can directly spray the essential oil to get rid of the smell.

get rid of the musty smell
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These are seven ways you can get rid of musty odors on clothes. Well, you can get all the equipment above www.lacrymosemedia.comyou know.

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