7 Tips for renovating dream homes from Instagrammer @Rena_Iput

7 Tips for renovating dream homes from Instagrammer @Rena_Iput

Rena Iput renovation of industrial house

Want to build your dream home? Instagrammer @Rena_Iput provides the following tips for renovating the dream home for millennials!

Everyone certainly wants to realize their best dream home, that’s why many are willing to spend a lot of money on home renovations.

However, not a few people fail to renovate their homes due to lack of information and experience.

Surely you don’t want to make mistakes when renovating your home until your dream home comes true?

Therefore, the www.lacrymosemedia.com Team interviewed @Rena_Iput, an Instagrammer who managed to renovate her house into a unique industrial house during the pandemic.

It will give some interesting tips that you can emulate in the home renovation process.

Immediately, consider the following tips from him!

Dream home renovation tips from Instagrammer @Rena_Iput

You can see some tips for renovating your dream home from start to finish from Instagrammer @Rena_Iput in full below:

1. Plan Your Finances First

Renovation of house in the center

The most important thing that should be done before the home renovation process begins is to prepare financial planning.

The financial plan is closely related to the renovation budget to buy building materials, pay for the services of wholesale workers, to the cost of renting a house if the renovation is carried out on a large scale.

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2. Determine Home Renovation Goals

Renovated home balcony

Not only the financial problems, you also determine the home renovation goals for the short and long term.

In addition to determining the purpose of the renovation, the renovation process must be carried out immediately so as not to fall.

“My start today is a mess but tomorrow it will be finished, but of course it must be added to the funds and what is needed.” Rena added.

3. Make a Priority Scale for the needs of the house

Renovated bathroom

After planning your finances and home renovation goals, the next dream home renovation tips you can do is to make a ranking of priorities in building a home.

This priority scale is related to the need for building materials, so that home renovations can be carried out effectively and efficiently.

In the process of renovating the house, Rena explained that this priority scale aims to transfer a type of material to another important part, one of which is the use of roofs.

“The use of the roof in the lower floor is either important or unimportant and also becomes its own characteristic, because the cost of installing the lower ceiling can be transferred to another more important place.” said Rena when she was interviewed by Team Rumah123.

4. Substitution of House Construction Materials

Front facade

Not only the priority scale, another factor that is quite important is the tolerance limit between wants and needs.

To overcome this problem, Rena also added that if the price of the desired building material tends to be high, it is highly recommended to make the substitution of material.

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Even if the material is replaced, it still has to prioritize good functional aspects.

“We have to have tolerance (in the choice of building materials). Example empty railing at home, I initially wanted to use glass temperate, turned out to be more expensive, so they were replaced with polycarbonate or alderone. The important thing is that the function is the same.” continued Rena.

5. Use the services of a Builder

The second floor of the house

In the process of renovating the house, Instagrammer @Rena_Iput chose to use the services of a construction worker.

The selection of construction contractors is due to the ease of monitoring and adjusting the targets if they are not in line with expectations.

“Because if I’m afraid that I’m tired of controlling, for example, my target today is up to 10, but it turns out it’s only at 5, I’m afraid of being carried away by myself,” added Rena.

Even if the services of construction contractors are used, construction materials and materials are completely determined by the host.

6. Choosing the best and most suitable home design inspiration

The best simple single house terrace

If you have planned a house building and what the needs are, then the next thing you need to know is to choose inspiration.

If you do not use the services of a designer or architect, it is highly recommended to look at different pictures of home decorations from Pinterest.

Not only do you choose home decorations from Pinterest, you can also create your own with the right inspiration.

7. Lighting for a Dark House

Skylights from the renovation of your dream home

After the inspiration of the house, in the interior of the house, the lighting side is also important, especially if the inspiration of the house you use is dark industrial theme.

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Large window elements to use skylight so an interesting way on the house of Instagrammer @Rena_Iput.

As a result, even if the combination of black and gray in the house dominates, the residence still looks spacious and functional.


Here are some tips to remodel Instagrammer @Rena_Iput’s dream home for Home Owners, I hope it’s helpful!

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