7 Tips for flooded cars that can prevent total damage

7 Tips for flooded cars that can prevent total damage

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moment rainy season Suddenly, floods are often a problem that we have. Not only the pollution of the house, flooding can also damage our beloved car. Therefore, we need to immediately repair a car that is submerged in a flood.

If not, the car will be really damaged and difficult to repair. In fact, it can make us spend a lot of money in the repair of the components that have been submerged in the flood water.

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So, what to do when a car is submerged in a flood?

If your car is flooded, there are several steps that must be taken as first aid, as follows.

1. Do not turn on the car engine

Avoid starting the car engine after being submerged in water. This method can prevent damage to the components in the car, including the engine and transmission. If you force to start the engine, a lot of water will enter.

This is what can cause more severe damage, such as a short circuit due to damage to the piston, which is usually called “hydrolock“.

When it happens hydrolock, then you have to be prepared to incur very high repair costs. This can cause the car to suffer severe damage and the worst is a total dead engine.

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2. Remove Water Quickly

The longer you let water sit in the car, the more damage it will do to the vehicle’s wiring and components. Therefore, you have to move quickly to remove the apples that are in the car.

Use a vacuum that absorbs dry and wet materials to help remove standing water quickly. Alternatively, you can use a sponge to absorb the water and get out of the car.

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3. Check the Machine parts

After removing the water from the car, it’s time to check the engine parts. The first thing you need to check is to find out if water is entering the oil tank or not. You can use it dipstick.

If water has entered the tank, the color of the oil that was previously clear and bright will change to white milk or coffee. The viscosity of the oil also changes.

When this happens, avoid starting the car because it can damage the cylinders in the engine. It is best to immediately take your car to the garage to be checked directly by a professional mechanic. Therefore, the car will not be damaged.

Check the car engine
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4. Check the electrical components

To find out if the electrical components are still working properly, you can do a test.

Do this by turning on the car’s headlights, taillights, power windowturn signal, power lockcabin lights, air conditioners, and other components that are wired.

You should also test the handbrake, clutch, steering and fluid reservoir. If one of these components or parts does not work properly, immediately ask for help from a mechanic to check your vehicle as soon as possible.

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5. Leave the Vents and Car Doors Open

After you have thoroughly removed the water from the cabin and other areas in the car, you should work as quickly as possible to dry the interior of the car that has been affected by flood water.

Then, take the car to a warm area while opening all the car doors. Therefore, there is air and heat from the sun coming in evenly to dry the car.

If there is no direct sunlight, you can use a fan to dry the wet areas. You can buy the products below. This method can also help eliminate bad odors, and keep mold and mildew at bay.

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6. Replace Vehicle components

If a vehicle has been flooded, the smell of the car will become unpleasant. Therefore, you should replace damp components as soon as possible, such as mats, carpets, upholstery and door panels that have absorbed water.

Remove your car seat and dry it in the sun. Open all the car doors to allow more ventilation in the cabin. Well, to get rid of mold and odor, you can use baking soda.

If you can’t use the car carpet anymore, you can buy a new one, as we recommend below.

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7. Claim Insurance

After your car has been examined by a mechanic, immediately apply for vehicle insurance to evaluate whether the vehicle needs to be repaired or replaced.

If the cost of repairing a vehicle is greater than the cost of buying a new one, then it is a good idea to choose a new vehicle or a used vehicle in good condition.

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How to prevent a car from being damaged by a flood
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Here are some tips for dealing with cars that are submerged in floods. Before problems caused by flooding, more damage to the car, it is better to immediately do some of the things above and take it to the nearest auto repair shop. Therefore, your car can be used again.

In addition, you can also prevent flooding read the article here.

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