7 Tips for fasting on the first day that you should do

7 Tips for fasting on the first day that you should do

Tips for fasting on the first day
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The holy month of Ramadan 1444 Hijriyah has arrived, it is time for all Muslims to fulfill their fasting obligations. Usually, the first day of fasting is difficult to get through because you are used to your daily eating and sleeping patterns.

When you start a fasting day, you need to get up early and keep your hunger until the specified time. This situation certainly makes the body weak easily because you always need adjustments.

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Therefore, there are some preparations that you need to make in reception on the first day of fasting so that everything goes well.

So, what are the preparations for the first day of fasting?

On the first day of fasting, of course you want to make the fast as good as possible, right? However, this must certainly be supported by a healthy physical and mental condition. you know. If not, fasting will be more difficult because it is difficult for us to resist temptation.

So, to prevent it, we have summarized some tips for fasting on the first day that you can follow.

1. Get enough rest

Tips for fasting on the first day
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At the beginning of the fast, you need to get up early to eat breakfast. Of course, this can make you sleep less and sleep during the day. So, start setting your bedtime to get enough rest.

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For those of you who like to stay up late, stop this habit and it’s time to change your sleep pattern to be healthier, ok?

Tips for fasting on the first day
Set the menu for sahur and break the fast so there is no confusion

When fasting, the body will lack energy intake from food and drink. So, you need to eat healthy and nutritious food to be strong and enthusiastic in fasting.

At dawn, it is a good idea to eat foods rich in fiber to give a longer feeling of fullness, such as fruits and vegetables. Also, avoid overly salty foods so you don’t get thirsty easily during the day.

3. Drink lots of water

Tips for fasting on the first day
Credit: Unsplash/Engin Akyurt

It is undeniable that the human body really needs water. The lack of fluids not only causes dehydration, but also interferes with the metabolism and the functioning of the body.

Therefore, you need to meet your body’s fluid needs by drinking 8 glasses of water every day. In the month of fasting, you can also do it 2-4-2 drinking patternis it 2 glasses of water when breaking the fast, 4 glasses of water at night, and 2 glasses of water at dawn.

4. Worship on time

The key to fasting is to learn to be patient and reap the rewards. To be stronger in life, never forget to worship on time, from dawn prayer to evening prayer.

If possible, you can also do additional worship in your free time, such as the sunnah prayers.

5. Do light exercise

Tips for fasting on the first day
Do light exercise to increase endurance

You can stay exercise during fasting, cook. Precisely this is highly recommended to maintain a healthy body during fasting. Actually, you don’t need to do strenuous exercise that makes your body tired.

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However, you can do light exercise, such as walking, joggingyoga, and leisurely cycling.

6. Charity

In terms of material, you can prepare more expenses for charity in the month of fasting. See, all the practices you do in the holy month can increase the reward to be doubled, you know.

7. Avoid overeating during iftar

dining room equipment
Avoid consuming all foods at once when breaking the fast

When you break your fast, you shouldn’t overeat, OK? Although there are many types of dishes on the dinner table, you still have to keep it so that his stomach does not get upset.

See, eating large amounts of food at once can increase the risk of digestive disorders.

It’s okay to eat sweet foods, but don’t overdo it, okay? In addition to being able to increase body weight, foods rich in sugar can also make the body lethargic.

These are seven tips for fasting on the first day that you can apply. So, are you ready to start fasting?

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