7 The best models of women’s batik dresses for the Office

7 The best models of women’s batik dresses for the Office

women's batik clothes
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Batik is traditional cloth Indonesia. Its distinctive pattern and full of meaning make this cloth famous. Not only for traditional purposes and other formal events, batik has become everyday.

If in the past batik was only in the form of fabric, now we can see batik in various forms of beautiful and elegant clothing patterns. It is not surprising, many women’s jobs choose batik clothes as clothes to go to the office.

Various Banners

In addition, batik clothes are easy to combine with different types of modern accessories. Of course you can always do it stylish with batik clothes.

Recommended office batik dress patterns for women

Every October 1st, commemorate National Batik Day. So, do you already have batik clothes? If not, don’t worry, we have some recommendations for women’s batik that will make you look fashionable when you wear it to the office.

1. Women’s Batik Shirt with Chicken Pattern

Of course, we are no strangers to the rooster icon on the street vendor’s cup. Well, you can choose a rooster batik motif that symbolizes the cultural identity and unity of the Indonesian nation, as follows.

chicken motif batik shirt
Pavilion of Cotton Batik Shirt with Chicken Motif 1021
Long sleeve batik shirt with interesting patterns and smooth materials.

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2. dress Chicken Motif Batik

In addition to the chicken motif shirt above, there is also a chicken motif batik dress that you can wear to the office. To keep it beautiful and matching, you can combine this batik dress with black heels.

chicken motif batik dress
Pendopo Dress Batik Cotton Chicken Motif 1021
The batik dress with an elegant and feminine design that is durable.

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3. Viscose Cotton Batik Dress

When you like to wear it dress, You can also look stylish with this one batik dress. Because it is made of viscose fabric, this batik dress feels cool and comfortable on the skin. In addition to that, black and the dominant white can make us look elegant.

cotton batik dress
Pavilion Kaftan Batik Cotton Viscose
Cotton batik caftan suitable for office and formal occasions.

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4. Benji Pibo Cotton Batik Blouse

The following batik blouse can make you look more attractive. To make it more presentable when you go to the office, you can combine this batik blouse with trousers and out of black blazer.

cotton batik blouse
The Cotton Batik Blouse Room by Benji Pibo
Batik blouse with attractive design accents and soft texture.

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5. Skirt Batik Slip

In addition to superiors, there are also subordinates that you can bring to the office. Because of its simple design and stylishyou can always look stylish when you wear it anywhere. In addition, this skid batik skirt is made of viscose material that is smooth and soft on the skin.

batik slip skirt for women
Pendopo Size M Women’s Batik Slip Skirt Viscose
Batik skirt that can give the impression of elegance and ethnicity.

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women's batik skirt
Pendopo Size L Women’s Batik Slip Skirt Viscose
This batik skirt is suitable for both formal and informal events.

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6. Year of Batik Encim

This batik skirt with encim motif is also suitable for the office. Don’t worry, this skirt has a zipper in the back. Also, this skirt made of material cotton which is cool and does not itch on the skin.

female flight attendant batik skirt
Encim Batik Stewardess Skirt Size S
The batik skirt of a flight attendant with a distinctive design and a stylish look.

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Female flight attendant batik rack pattern
Encim Batik Stewardess Skirt Size M
Batik skirt with an attractive color combination that is comfortable to wear.

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7. Rooster Pattern Tie Batik Skirt

Unlike the previous skirt, this batik skirt is worn tied. To make it look more perfect, you can combine this batik skirt with a chicken motif batik shirt. So, do it with the shoes heels black to look more luxurious.

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women's chicken batik skirt pattern
Pavilion Ikat Cotton Batik Chicken Motif Skirt 1021
Batik skirt tied with an interesting chicken motif to make your appearance more fashionable.

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Well, it is a recommendation for a women’s batik dress model that is suitable for use in the office.

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