7 Steps to Implement Sustainable Living from Home

7 Steps to Implement Sustainable Living from Home

Today we know that the health condition of the earth decreases due to the limited use of energy. However, you know there is a lot of movement today sustainable living?

To minimize the damage to the land that is getting worse, many people in many countries and circles are trying to live sustainably. This means that we are advised to use products that are environmentally friendly and save energy.

However, you don’t need to be confused and worried to start this sustainable living movement. Basically you can do this movement even from your own home. How and what can you do from inside the house? Check out the following article review!

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Definition Sustainable living

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Term sustainable life originally adopted from English meaning sustainable life. With that then sustainable life more emphasis on sustainable lifestyles that seek to reduce the use of the earth’s resources and products that can damage the earth.

The concept of the sustainable living movement is of course aimed at saving the earth from getting worse and worse. Thus, man is expected to live and stay on earth much longer. This is because sustainable living can be applied in various fields of daily life.

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Even so, you don’t have to worry too much about stopping all activities that are considered harmful to the earth. You can contribute just by doing small things that start from inside the house, such as saving water and electricity consumption.

But not only save water and electricity consumption, you can also do a number of other things that can make your life more sustainable from inside the house.

Application Sustainable living from home

The house is one of the environments that contribute the most damage to nature. Such as detergent waste, oil, and the use of plastic and electricity every day that continues to increase.

In fact, starting from home, we can apply a sustainable life to support the preservation of the earth. The method is also quite easy where you can do several things like the following:

1. Consume Organic Food

organic food
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Eating organic food certainly makes the body much healthier than eating fast food. Foods such as fruits and vegetables also have a small carbon footprint, so they are environmentally friendly.

In addition to your healthy body when you eat organic food, you can also contribute to maintaining a healthy environment.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Household products

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The next step in the implementation of sustainable living is to change to ecological household products. However, you don’t have to worry about doing everything at once. You can gradually make the change by replacing outdated equipment with environmentally friendly products.

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3. Sort Household Garbage

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Sorting household waste is one way you can implement it sustainable life from home You can reuse plastic waste like bottles to reuse (reuse).

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If you have a minimalist garden in front of your house, you can also use organic waste, such as vegetables and fruits to make compost. So do not pollute the environment by removing destructive garbage.

4. Do not throw away waste carelessly

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Household waste is one of the most harmful aspects of the environment. The reason is that waste, such as used oil, that is discharged into waterways can pollute the surrounding environment.

5. Don’t Use Plastic Shopping Bags

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Plastic bags are currently used less and less. Meanwhile, by carrying your personal shopping bag, you are already participating in the implementation of sustainable living as an effort to reduce environmental damage due to plastic.

This is because it takes a long time to break down plastic waste up to 100 years. So, there is nothing wrong if you bring your own shopping bags from home which are certainly not made of plastic.

6. Planting Plants Around the House

grow plants for sustainable living
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We know that plants produce clean oxygen that is good for human health. In addition, plants can also absorb carbon dioxide released by humans and household appliances which can reduce air pollution.

Of course, a house that implements sustainable living has a piece of land that you can use to grow plants that work to filter pollutants in the air. In this way you can contribute to creating a healthy environment and reduce the environmental damage that is getting worse.

7. Repairing Broken Equipment

broken fixed
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Of course, every home has equipment or furniture that breaks at some point. To accomplish this, usually someone will immediately replace you with new equipment. However, this method is not in accordance with the concept sustainable life which must be applied.

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You can start by repairing broken equipment so you don’t have to buy new stuff. In addition to saving money, this method can also reduce the use of waste from used equipment.

Well, there are some ways to apply sustainable life that you can start at home. Of course, by implementing sustainable living, you can enjoy a much healthier and more comfortable life.

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