7 Steps How to wash clothes manually correctly. The result is Clean!

7 Steps How to wash clothes manually correctly. The result is Clean!

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Washing the machine is easy and efficient. Unfortunately, there are many fabrics that should not go in the washing machine. So you should always learn how to wash clothes by hand, yes. Here is the guide!

For some people, washing clothes by hand sounds like a hassle.

In fact, this method is important for clothes whose material cannot be washed in a washing machine.

Of course, you don’t want the clothes to be damaged and can no longer be used, right?

Therefore, yuk see the explanation of how to wash clothes manually below!

7 ways to wash clothes by hand

1. Check the label on the shirt first

correct hand washing steps

The first step is to check the care label sewn into the shirt.

In this way you can understand the temperature, how to wash, dry, to iron, for the ideal use of bleach.

The reason is that each fabric material requires different care.

If you take care of it badly, it could be that the clothes are also damaged after washing.

2. Separate White and Colored Shirts

How to wash clothes manually after, separate the white and colored clothes.

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The goal is to protect white clothes from the risk of staining and fading during the washing process.

It is a good idea to divide the laundry group into white clothes, dark colors and light colors.

The reason is that some dark clothes like black and navy tend to fade more often.

3. Soak Clothes in Cold Water

you know nothe recommended water for washing clothes is cold water.

Especially if you wash soft fabrics like wool or silk.

This is because warm and hot water has the risk of causing the material to shrink or shrink.

Its use is only ideal for washing underwear because you need to eradicate germs and stubborn microorganisms in the fabric fibers.

4. Add Detergent or Shampoo

how to wash clothes manually rub

The next method of manual washing, put the detergent in the bucket containing the clothes.

The ratio is 1:2 with more liquid detergent water.

However, if you wash clothes made of soft materials, you should use a shampoo whose content is more friendly to clothing fibers.

After pouring the detergent or shampoo into the bucket, stir gently so that the liquid is mixed evenly.

So, leave the clothes on for 15-30 minutes before you start scrubbing for maximum results.

5. Rub Clothes Slowly

After peeling, you can start rubbing the clothes slowly.

Do not face it when doing it, because it can cause the fibers of the clothes to stretch or even break.

If there are stubborn stains, you can use a brush with soft bristles to brush.

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Then, empty the bucket and wash the clothes in cold, clean water until the foam disappears.

If you want your clothes to smell better, you can also soak them in a perfume mixture before drying.

6. Squeeze the clothes to remove some of the water

The next step in washing clothes manually is to remove some of the water that has been absorbed into the fabric fibers.

However, it is not recommended to wring the clothes to get the water out, Property People.

This step really shortens the drying time, but there is a risk that the fibers of the clothes are pulled and stretched.

Simply squeeze all parts of the clothes slowly and for clothes made of thin clothes only dry in the shade.

7. Dry clothes in the shade

how to wash clothes manually

To dry, spread the clothes evenly or use a hanger to hang them.

Keep in mind, some clothes are not recommended to be dried in direct sunlight.

Therefore, you should use a ceiling drying area at home.


I hope the manual washing method above is helpful, yes.

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