7 standard home table sizes

7 standard home table sizes

dining table size

The size of the dining table is an important thing to consider. In addition, the table is a focal point that can beautify the dining room. Otherwise, the dining room will look cramped, especially if you use a table that is quite large.

Therefore, we need to measure the area of ​​the dining room at home before buying a table. Make sure that the large dining table is only one third of the area of ​​the room. Thus, we can more easily place other furniture, such as wardrobes, refrigerators, etc.

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So, what is the size of a minimalist table like?

In order not to be confused, we have summarized some standard dimensions of the dining table that you can choose from below.

1. Multipurpose Dining Table

A tight space doesn’t mean you can’t fit a dining table. You can use a multipurpose table model that is equipped with a bench.

In addition, this dining table is equipped with a cabinet at the bottom, so you can put different cutlery.

dining table size
Pristine Table Set 4 Stools – Brown/White

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2. Minimalist Dining Table

Minimalist dining table which has a size of 100x70x75.5 cm is suitable for a 2×2 dining room. You see, there is also space to put other furniture, such as storage racks to plants to enhance the look of the dining room.

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Choose a dining table made of wood to make it durable when used for a long time, as below.

size of the dining table 100 cm
Selma Harold Dining Table Set 4 Chairs – Silver

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3. Dining table with 4 chairs

This table model is suitable for joining two rooms, between the kitchen and the dining room. This dark brown dining table can also make the dining room look more modern, like the following inspiration.

size of the dining table 110 cm
Lexon dining table set 4 chairs – dark brown

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4. White Dining Table

You can also decorate a narrow dining room with a white table. Also, the white dining table can reflect the light which makes the room look more spacious.

Well, the dining table below has a minimalist design that is suitable for you to put in a stylish dining room scandinavian.

size of the dining table 120 cm
Maeve Dining Table Set 4 Chairs – White

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5. Minimalist Dining Table by Wood

The wooden table of 140x80x75 cm is suitable for a 3 × 3 dining room. With a large enough table surface, you can arrange various cutlery on it, from cups, plates, to plates for the family, such as the inspiration below.

size of the dining table 140 cm
Medford Dining Table Set 4 Chairs – Brown / White

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6. Dining table Extensible

Dining table extendable it can also be an option for a narrow dining room. You can use this table to welcome guests at home.

To create a more luxurious impression, you can put ornamental plants in the corners of the room and paint aesthetic on a white wall.

size of the dining table 150 cm
Electra extendable dining table – white

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7. Circle Dining Table

You can talk more closely with family members if you use a circular dining table. This table can maximize the function of a narrow dining room because it has a smaller footprint or leg than a rectangular table.

In addition, the circular shape is also able to accommodate more people because we can add chairs on each side.

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    minimalist dining table
Selma Yura Dining table set 4 chairs – white

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These are some standard dimensions of the dining table that you can choose to decorate the dining room. You can get many models of dining tables and other kitchen utensils only through theruparupa.com website.

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