7 Soils of hydroponic cultivation that make it fertile

7 Soils of hydroponic cultivation that make it fertile

hydroponic system cultivation grounds
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Do you love farming and want to start trying a hydroponic system? If so, the first thing you need to know is a good hydroponic growing medium for plants.

Usually, a hydroponic system is used for the plant vegetables with limited terrain and more practical. Because it does not use the soil, therefore we need to use a quality planting medium.

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So, What Are the Types of Growing Media for Hydroponics?

hydroponic growing media
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Here are some hydroponic growing media you can use.

1. Cotton

The first hydroponic growing medium you may be familiar with is cotton. Usually, cotton is used to help the seeding process before transferring to the soil planting medium.

In a hydroponic system, cotton can provide very high nutrition for your plants. This is due to the excellent ability of cotton to absorb water.

It is no wonder that many hydroponic farmers use this cotton growing medium. Also, cotton is pretty easy to find anywhere.

2. Peel coal

You can also use charcoal as a hydroponic growing medium. The carbon peel has many advantages, such as ease of obtaining materials, affordable prices, friendly to the environment, and very high capacity to bind water.

In addition, the carbon fiber is also light weight, is sterile from the interference of bacteria or fungi, and has a neutral pH content. You can use rice husk charcoal as a growing medium for tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

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However, rice husk charcoal is rarely sold, so sometimes you have to make it yourself. You can only use this planting medium a maximum of two times.

3. Rock wool

The next hydroponic growing medium you can use is rock wool. As the name implies, rock wool they are minerals fiber or rock wool (coal, limestone and basalt), or glass.

There are also those made of ceramics that are melted with high temperatures, then spun into fibers, such as wool and cotton candy.

After the yarn has cooled and solidified, the fiber will be cut according to the specified size. Excess rock wool is it able to retain water so that the growth of the plant’s roots and the absorption of nutrients are better.

In addition to that, rock wool also ecological, capable of keeping the plants in good condition, avoiding plant diseases, reducing the use of disinfectants and others.

Unfortunately, because of the weight rock wool much light, this growth medium easy to fly in the wind

In addition to that, rock wool it also has a high enough pH content for many types of plants. Therefore, you should know which plants can use this planting medium.

rockwool growth medium
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4. Gravel

Who says you can’t use rocks to grow crops? You can use gravel in a hydroponic system, you know!

In fact, usually pebbles are often used as decoration to beautify decorative plants and an aquarium.

However, because the form of gravel has many pores, it can help circulate air and nutrients in the plants. In addition, these pores can also help the growth of the roots to be better, you know.

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The weakness of gravel is that it is quite difficult to bind water. For this reason, you have to water the plants more often so that the water does not go out.

5. Hydroton

Maybe this name is quite foreign to you, isn’t it? Hydroton is a clay pellet that is also often used for hydroponic growing media. The advantage of Hydroton is that it can release nutrients into the water flow with a neutral Ph.

In addition, this planting medium is also in round shape to be able to maintain the balance of water, as well as oxygen in the plants. Thus, the plant will not be too wet or dry.

However, the disadvantages possessed by hydrotone only one, that is, the weight is quite heavy. Therefore, you have to be careful when using this planting medium.

6. Perlite

Perlite is a volcanic glass with a high water content. This planting medium is made by obsidian rock hydration with the best rate of oxygen retention than any other growth media.

However, you cannot use perlite alone. For this reason, you can combine it with other media, namely coconut or vermiculite.

7. Coconut shell

The coconut is often thrown away by the traders of tropical fruits because it is considered that it no longer has any function. In fact, you can use it as a good hydroponic growing medium, you know.

Coconut coir is very rich in nutrients for plants and can prevent annoying fungi. By using this growing medium, your hydroponic plants will become stronger.

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In addition, coconut oil can also regulate the ratio of air and water in plants. This is what will make your plants grow more fertile.

coconut growth medium
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These are 7 growing media you can use for hydroponic gardens. Each means of planting also needs different care. So, make sure you take good care of it.

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