7 Small Living Room Inspirations 2×3

7 Small Living Room Inspirations 2×3

small living room 2x3

For those of you who have a small house, of course, it is more or less difficult to decorate the house so that it is always pleasing to the eye. Especially the living room, which is used as the main place to welcome the guests who come. Of course, try to look neat and attractive. A size of a small living room that is commonly found in simple cases is a small living room 2 × 3. And this article will discuss 7 small living room inspirations 2 × 3 for those of you who are looking for information. Come, see!

2×3 small living room inspirations

Who says that a small living room will look cramped when the walls are full of printed wallpaper? This small living room of 2 × 3 has most of the walls covered with wallpaper with floral motifs, but in fact it can still look spacious because of the selection. furniture plain that manages to compensate the general aspect of the space.

So, for pink lovers, this small living room can be an option. Dominated by pink and then combined with cream, beige and green, this living room looks comfortable and warm. Supported by the presence of large windows as access to sunlight, making this room appear bright.

Third, this 2 × 3 living room inspiration can be an option for those who like classic designs. White chairs and green cushions combined with dark blue curtains make this living room luxurious, even if the space is not big.

Still in the concept of luxury even if the space is not wide. The combination of gray and fuschia coupled with the selection of classic motifs on the chairs make this room comfortable and luxurious. Coupled with a chandelier whose shape looks very large. Coming guests will definitely feel at home here.

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You want to present the impression of warmth, comfort and home in the living room? Just use a mixture of wooden parquet floors, colors beige with a white rug in your small living room 2×3. The lights and lighting used also directly affect the warm impression of the entire space.

A clean, tidy and simple impression is present in this small living room 2 × 3. The combination of gray and white, not forgetting the white and black and yellow and white pillows, makes this small living room more lively.

small living room 2x3

Finally, there is a small living room 2 × 3 that brings a monochrome concept combining gray and white. Plus a little pink on the pillows, making this room not too boring to look at.