7 Simple Pink Bedroom Designs, Very Feminine!

7 Simple Pink Bedroom Designs, Very Feminine!

Pink is a color that is synonymous with women. This color is widely used to paint the walls of a girl’s room. There are many types of pink color. Starting from baby pink, soft pink, dark pink, and others. For those of you who are also interested in using pink as the main color for your bedroom, here are some simple, feminine and calm inspirations for pink bedroom design:

It looks so beautiful to the eye, this is the first impression when I saw this design. Pink color combined with broken white and there are also writings from neon lights, and even a wallpaper with a star print on the ceiling will definitely make someone feel at home in this room. The neat arrangement and the installation of carpets make this room look so warm.

color soft pink combined with soft gray it can make the overall look of the room look dark. However, this seems to be deceived by the installation of a round chandelier near the bed and also the installation of decorative lights on the side of the bed. This room looks even more cheerful with the presence of dolls and the placement of uniquely shaped pillows next to the main sleeping pillow.

cheerful and played, These are the two main effects present in this simple all-pink room. Plus the installation of print wallpaper flamingoThis makes the occupants of this room more enthusiastic in doing their daily activities. The combination of white, pink and shocking pink make this room look so alive.

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Although the walls of the room are dominated by white, the pink paint on the walls that is deliberately formed in a circle becomes the center of attention. Shades of pink are so bold in this room. Coupled with a quiet light pink bed sheet, in fact the feeling of this simple all pink bedroom is so seductive. It’s perfect for those of you who don’t like anything fussy.

A simple pink room that is really simple you can see an example of it in this design. Without any decoration, just paint the walls combined with white, and the use of a slightly dark pink pillow in fact can provide a beautiful view of the pink room. For those of you who love plain and simple design, and without timeIt seems that this pink room design is suitable.

It turns out that pink is also suitable to be combined with purple. Seen in this picture, where the sheets used are light purple in color and some of the cabinet doors are dark purple. Yes, pink and purple are synonymous with women’s rooms. And these two colors when they are combined in a unit that is beautiful to see. Dare to imitate?

It turns out that with a pink butterfly wallpaper, you can also present a beautiful simple pink room design, you know! This design is proof of that. The placement of the pink butterfly wallpaper on one side of the wall does not make this room crowded, on the contrary, it gives a graceful and beautiful impression.