7 Simple Minimalist Stage House Designs

7 Simple Minimalist Stage House Designs

stilt house design

Houses on stilts is a common thing that we find. Especially in Indonesia itself, traditional houses use stilt house designs. There are many reasons why traditional houses in Indonesia use stilt house designs, one of which is to avoid wild animal attacks. And it turns out that the concept of a stilt house is still very relevant to be built with a more modern concept. Here are 7 examples of simple minimalist stilt house designs that bring a more modern concept from Lamudi.co.id:

7 Minimalist stage house designs

stilt house design

First, it comes with a modern minimalist concept and colorful house painting tone of the earth, This stage house is suitable for those of you who like a house with a modern minimalist design, but still attractive. This residence is also suitable to be built in urban areas, you know!

Coming with the concept of being more one with nature through the use of more wood and brown paint, this stilt house design is perfect for making beach inn designs or inn for tourists. Because the impression of this residence is very relaxed, comfortable and calm.

Still with the use of wood on the facade of the house, the design of this house is also very suitable to be used as a villa design in a tourist area, for example, as a villa in Puncak. The size is very large, so it can be filled by many people. Especially if it is used as a villa or hostel, the design of this stilt house will definitely be very popular with tourists who come with groups because it has a lot of capacity.

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For those of you who don’t like to be adventurous, this design is for you. The stilt is only rectangular in shape with a very extensive use of glass. On the side there is also a terrace and a sofa that is quite wide, so it can be used to relax in the afternoon. Coupled with a beautiful garden around the house. Suitable for relaxing.

So, the design of the stage house on it is not too high. But still, this residence does not go directly to the ground. With an open area that can be used as a terrace, this very simple stilt house will not cost a lot of money to build. The treatment will definitely be very easy.

Suitable for those who are new couples and do not have children, this minimalist stage house is not large in size. Equipped with a simple terrace in front, the maintenance of this house will be very easy because the size of the house is minimalist, not big and there are not many rooms.

stilt house designFinally, for those of you who like the gray facade, maybe this is the right choice. The simple shape and design of the stilt house manages to level with the sofa and chairs at the front. The surrounding environment that is a garden also manages to give a more beautiful impression to the residence.

Tips for choosing a stage house design

To choose the suitable design of the stilt house, consider the following:

  • Land area: choose a design that fits the available land area.
  • Space requirements: Consider how many rooms and facilities are needed in the house.
  • Orientation: Choose a design that optimizes the orientation of the sun to increase energy efficiency.
  • Aesthetics: choose a design that fits the desired architectural style and the impression you want to achieve.
  • Cost: Make sure the chosen design can be implemented within the available budget.
  • Consult an experienced architect or home designer for professional advice.
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The right way to take care of a stage house

Here are some ways to care for a stilt house:

  • Periodically check the condition of the structure: make sure that all structural elements such as columns, beams, etc. they are still strong and stable.
  • Check the condition of the roof: make sure that the roof is not leaking and there is no damage. If there is damage, repair or replace it immediately. If you don’t know how to fix it, look for information on how to fix a leaky roof.
  • Check the condition of the wall: make sure the wall is not leaky or porous and repair it immediately if there is any damage.
  • Check the condition of the floor: Make sure that the floor is not cracked or porous and repair it immediately if there is any damage.
  • Check the condition of the windows and doors: make sure that the windows and doors can be opened and closed properly and repaired immediately if there is any damage.
  • Routine maintenance: To maintain the condition of the stilt house, perform routine maintenance, such as sweeping, cleaning and cleaning the drains.
  • Do not forget to check the security of your stilt house, such as prevention against mice or insects.
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to the environment around your stilt house, a poorly maintained environment will make your house porous and damaged quickly.