7 Shoe sizes and how to fit them at home – Ruparupa Blog

7 Shoe sizes and how to fit them at home – Ruparupa Blog

Minimalist shoe cabinet dimensions

As the name implies, shoe racks work to store different collections of footwear. However, when choosing the right shelf size, we need to pay attention to the number of shoes we have.

For example, if you have a lot of high heels, you may need shelves that are deeper and bigger. Meanwhile, if you only have less than 6 pairs of shoes, then a smaller shelf may be the right choice.

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To keep the house looking clean, you can use it shoe rack minimalist made of wood and iron.

So, how to organize and choose the right size shoe closet?

Well, this time we have some guidelines to choose the size of the shelves and arrange them so that the house is more pleasing to the eye, as follows.

1. Minimalist shoe cabinet with storage drawers

Are you looking for a multifunctional shoe rack that can be placed inside the room? So, you can buy a minimalist shelf with this storage drawer that has dimensions of 101.8 cm high, 80 cm long and 77 cm wide.

This shelf is also equipped with a closing door and you can put it in the room.

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Informa Hesley Shoe cabinet 2 doors - White-brown oak
Informa Hesley Shoe cabinet 2 doors – White-brown oak

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2. 2 Tier Open Shoe Rack

This open two-level shoe rack measures 37cm high, 71cm long and 24cm wide. Usually, this size of the shelf is suitable to arrange 6 chairs and can be placed near the entrance.

So, for those of you who live alone and don’t have much of a shoe collectionyou can use this shoe rack.

Stora 2 Tier Stackable Shelf - Black
Stora 2-level stackable shelf – Black

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3. Simple 4 Story Shoe Rack

Not much different from the previous size, this shelf can accommodate more shoes. The dimensions of this shelf are approximately 75x28x73 cm. You can put it both inside and outside because of its simple design.

Stora Shoe Rack 4 Tier - White
Stora Shoe Rack 4 Tiers – white

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4. Wooden shelf in the shape of the closet

The size of this wooden shoe cabinet consists of 4 levels of storage partitions with dimensions of 78x23x159.6cm. You can use this shelf to store about 24 pairs of shoes with different models.

Due to the minimalist wooden design, you can place it in the living room.

Mile 4 Tier Shoe Rack - Oak Brown White
Mile 4 Tier Shoe Rack – Brown White Oak

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5. Minimalist Shoe with Stand

Although this shoe storage space is less, you can use the top of the shelf as a seat when wearing shoes.

This shoe rack measures 86x33x45 cm it also has a secret storage space under the holder that you can trick to store various other items, such as shoe polish, socks, etc.

Shoe rack size
Darren 3 Tier Shoe Rack Bench – white

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6. Shoe Cabinet with Modern Glass Door

To create a more luxurious impression in the living room, you can use a shoe cabinet with glass doors. This shoe rack measures 122.8 x 39.6 x 121 cm. In addition to having a glass door, this shelf is also equipped with additional drawers and bulkheads.

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Shoe rack size
Pegy Shoe Rack – White Walnut

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7. Shoe cabinet with mirror door

Do you have a tight living space? This shoe cabinet with mirror doors can be a solution to make the room look more spacious. Measuring 127.5 x 17 x 170 cm, you can store dozens of shoes without having to worry about dust.

In addition, this shoe cabinet is also equipped with air circulation holes, so that the shoes are not damp and easily damaged, especially the leather shoes.

glass shoe size
Delca Neo shoe rack

Check it out here

Well, these are some sizes of minimalist shoes and how to put them so that the house looks neat and clean.

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