7 Savings Tips before Chinese New Year

7 Savings Tips before Chinese New Year

frugal shopping tips
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You started buying new items mchinese new year eve 2023? Well, usually, we need to buy a lot of things, from decorations to Chinese New Year clothes. Therefore, there are some frugal shopping tips that you can apply.

So, don’t spend money on anything and it’s too wasteful. The reason is that we still need to manage finances, especially after the Chinese New Year celebrations are over.

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We have to think about everything carefully and do not let us buy things excessively.

So, how to save money before Chinese New Year?

So here are some easy ways to shop cheaply for your Chinese New Year needs.

1. Make a Grocery List and set a Priority Scale

shopping list
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Seeing the many items that are on sale will definitely make you want to buy them all, right? Hey, hold on.

Better yet, make a shopping list first so you know what you want to buy. Therefore, do not forget to make a priority scale from the shopping list.

This serves as a comparison of what items you need and want, so you can better manage your expenses.

2. Determine the expenses for Chinese New Year needs

frugal shopping tips
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It is very important for you to determine and record the expenses, including making a budget for the needs of the Chinese New Year.

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Thus, you can find out the maximum amount that can be spent when shopping for Chinese New Year needs. This method can help you not to get lost, you know.

3. Go home immediately after shopping

frugal way of shopping
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After buying Lunar New Year needs, try to return home immediately and do not travel to other places if you do not have important business to do.

In addition to avoiding unwanted additional expenses, this also helps to reduce the risk of possible exposure COVID-19 to interact with many people.

4. Bring the money according to the budget

thrifty shopping before Chinese New Year
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If you choose to shop directly for shopping centers and supermarkets, you need to bring the right amount of money according to the items on the shopping list.

This is to avoid being tempted to buy other items that are not a priority.

5. Product Price Comparison

thrift shopping
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After preparing a budget to buy the needs of the Chinese New Year, try to compare the prices between one product and another.

If the price is still quite expensive, you can think about the possibility of a substitute product at a lower price. However, keep an eye on the quality of the product you are going to buy as well, OK?

6. Maximize the use of Promos and Cashback

frugal shopping for Chinese New Year
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A few days before the Chinese New Year there will definitely be a lot of promotions and cashback which are scattered, ranging from 50% discount up to voucher free shipping throughout Indonesia.

As a rule, there are still many promo pull towards the end of the month aka Payday Promo, you know. Well, you should be careful to use both so that the food becomes cheaper.

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7. Shop Online Online

thrift shopping
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Buy through the site online it can also make you more economical, you know. In addition to the much cheaper price, you can also find many attractive offers during the purchase online.

One of them through variety With the site beweight online Here, you can buy a variety of quality home products in an economical, practical and efficient way.

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